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Business Intelligence and Visualization Analyst LEA.CV: Profile Big Data Developer

Big Data Development


MCIT’s Big Data Developer diploma will provide you with the skillset to collect, manage, analyze, and interpret data. We offer hands-on experience to get an edge with a real-time industry project using some of the leading tools for Big Data Development through Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, and Spark. With Big Data being an exciting and challenging field, we equip you with the latest and most advantageous skills in the domain, an addition to your already formidable technical skill set for this is not a career in which you can afford to fall behind.

As data becomes an even more important aspect of business functionality, its market growth is projected to grow by 31.3% by 2025, making it the perfect time to make the career shift or progression into Big Data Development. The skills you will acquire with MCIT’s Big Data Developer diploma will help all those either entering the job market who want to learn about Big Data, those who are looking to sharpen and increase their knowledge and skills in Big Data, or for those people who want to add a Big Data skillset to their analytical skills to make them an even more valuable employee to their company.


A.E.C. – Business Intelligence and Visualization Analyst (LEA.CV)
Profile : Big Data Developer
-(900 hrs)

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Introduction to the concepts of big data, its problems and challenges. The course will also cover the treatment of big data, the Hadoop Ecosystem and the role of a developer in the big data field.

Introduction to the concepts of programming and algorithms. Students will learn the Scala programming language, object-oriented languages such as Java and Linux Shell, as well as scripting fundamentals

Introduction to the concepts of relational and non-relational databases. Students will learn how to handle structured and unstructured data, and how to manage big data with Parquet, Hbase and JDBC.

Big data applications can handle a large amount of data (both structured and non-structured), without which large-scale organizations could not operate. As a result, big data solutions make analysis optimal for better and more strategic business decisions.

Tableau can create a wide range of different visualizations to present the data and showcase insights interactively. In addition, it comes with tools to drill down data and see the impact in a visual format that any individual can easily understand. Tableau also comes with real-time data analytics capabilities and cloud support.

At the end of the program, students work on a real-time, industry-simulated project involving big data and database software.

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Career Advancers: Seasoned programmers who have relevant experience in the job market or are keen on making a shift in their current job status. MCIT’s Big Data program can help you transition into, or start a new career as a fully equipped Big Data Developer.
Career starters : Learn coding structure, tools and Data structure used by Data professionals daily. Learn everything from the ground up, making you an expert in the field. 
Professional developers : Skilled programmers and developers. The Big Data program can further help you learn how to extract data, formulate actionable plans and generate business value.
Fresh graduates : Fresh university grad seeking to launch your career with Big Data and apply specialized techniques and augment your academic credentials further.
Big Data Development
Dwany H

Big Data Developer

Big Data Development
Anurag Nandigama

Data Engineer, Next Pathway Inc.

Big Data Development
Sihame B

BI Developer, Groupe Touchette

Big Data Development
David P

Developer, Morgan Stanley

Admissions Process

The admission process entails the submission of several key documents. Applicants must provide their diploma and transcripts

  • Highest level of education.
  • Current resume detailing professional and education
  • Birth certificate translated into either English or French
  • 2 Photo identification are necessary

Determine eligibility 

Eligibility criteria includes full-time studies for at least one year, covered by a college-employer agreement or government program or having a combination of interrupted and full-time studies besides the foll.

  • Holding a professional studies, diploma
  • Demonstrating proficiency in hardware, operating systems, and Microsoft Office applications
  • Recommended Mathematics Secondary 4 CST
  • Possessing basic knowledge in operating systems as well as one of the following:
  • Networking, ERP, or Object-oriented Programming.

Determine eligibility 

Upon successful completion of the program, the college grants the student an AEC (Attestation d’études collégiale)

Business Intelligence and Visualization Analyst LEA.CV: Profile Big Data Developer - 900 hrs-


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Students who have graduated with a post secondary diploma or degree from a qualifying
institution in
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Students who have arrived in Canada two years or

less at the time of 
 submitting their 

Merrit based Scholarships

The Montreal College of Information Technology offers merit-based scholarships to deserving candidates,for exceptional academic or professional contributions.


We also have scholarships
for students who were laid off recently
in the past 6 months.


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Loans through the Government

Apply with the government to get financial aid through the AFE loan program (Aide financière aux études/Student financial assistance).

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Our financial partners offer loans and personalized support to local entrepreneurs and internationally trained professionals.



Montreal college course content is aligned to the industry requirements and is delivered by industry experts. This coupled with the fact that the training is hands-on, enabled me to succeed in the job interview. I was working a technical support specialist with a large corporation. Even though, I had a stable job, I realized that I needed to enhance my skill set to be more relevant in the job market, secure my future and earn more. To provide a fillip to my stagnating career, I invested in learning BASIS administration. I choose Montreal College after extensive research. In fact, the irony was that there was no other college offering a similar program. Having completed the training, I am and glad that I choose Montreal College. They provided the best learning platform including an instructor with many years of industry experience, learning aids and importantly practice labs that provided practical and hands-on training.

Karim Oultache — Former student


    Registration deadline:
    For international students, it is highly recommended to register two months before the starting date. Talk to one of our advisors for more details about the registration process.

    — F.A.Q —

    Fast track program is designed for local students whereas Regular track is designed for international students
    Each student is provided with a PC "desktop" in the classroom. However, students can bring their own laptops.
    Yes, of course you can visit our campus and enquire about our program. You can register for the next upcoming information session through our website. You can also book an appointment to meet our program advisor.
    We offer flexible schedule during daytime, evenings and weekends
    Yes, you will be working on a project as part of the program. However, we do not offer an internship within the programs but you are free to intern in an organization if it’s in the purview of your program (Regular track) and if you have all necessary authorizations from the government of Canada.
    Yes, we will. Please consult our Career center section for additional information.
    Yes. We conduct prerequisite classes that will help you to start the program on a high note.
    - Completed Post-Secondary studies in Business Management, Social Science or Information Technology, or CEGEP Diploma, or relevant experience of at least 1 year. -High School – Mathematics Secondary 4 436/4 SN or TS/5 CST - Basic knowledge of SQL is considered an asset.
    Yes, there're Teaching Assistants (TAs) available for this program to help you during your labs and ease your learning process.

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