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Data Analysis with Python
State of the Industry

Analyzing data has become a necessity for every organization and Python has been a trusted language in the analytics world, due to its rich ecosystem of libraries for data science. This course is aimed at enabling you to import data, perform data wrangling and EDA (clean, analyze, visualize) using Pandas, Seaborn packages in Python. Later you shall build and evaluate models using Scikit-Learn, Python’s machine learning library. Furthermore, you shall learn nuances of data analysis, statistical techniques and tell a story using the data.

​Class Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (6PM to 9PM)

Who Should Apply

This program would be beneficial to Software Engineers, Full Stack Developers, Software Developers, BI Developers, Big Data Developers, Business Analysts (with Python programing background).This would also be a good fit for someone who would want to get into serious developer roles.

Eligibility and Requirements

Familiarity with Python - data types, control flow statements, OOPs is necessary to successfully complete the course.
A background in programming would be an added asset. Aptitude for problem solving and logical thought process would be useful.

Fundamentals of Java



Certification Exam

Spring Certified Professional


  • Taught by Industry Experts as instructors
  • Discount on Certification Program
  • Eligible to claim tax credit up to 25% of course fees
  • 24*7 Lab Virtual Desktop access
  • Evening and Weekend schedule
  • Vendor Authorized Training
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Data Analysis with Python

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