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Data Modelling (SSAS)

This certification course provides the students with the required knowledge of multidimensional and tabular data models by using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). The course will help students learn dimensional modelling using Star/Snowflake/Hybrid schemas to create DataMart and data warehouses. These are used by the stakeholders, clients and/or businesses for deep analysis and data mining. It is a unique way of representing the data using different dimensions very quickly, effectively and with minimal code. 

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  • Data Modelling (SSAS)

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Data Modelling (SSAS)

In this module, students delve into working with cubes and dimensions in SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services). They learn to design, create, and manage multidimensional structures like cubes and dimensions for analytical purposes. The curriculum emphasizes building data models, defining hierarchies, and utilizing SSAS for advanced analytics and reporting, empowering students with multidimensional data manipulation skills.

In this module, students learn techniques for attribute sorting and grouping in SSAS to enhance data organization. Additionally, the curriculum covers Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCDs) strategies, enabling the management of changing data over time within dimensional structures.

Within this module, students delve into handling measures and measure groups in SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services). They learn to define, manage, and optimize measures, which quantify data for analysis. The curriculum emphasizes designing and organizing measure groups, enabling students to proficiently manage and utilize quantitative data within SSAS for comprehensive analysis and reporting purposes.

This module introduces MDX (Multidimensional Expressions), teaching students the syntax and principles behind querying multidimensional data. It covers MDX basics, enabling students to construct queries for retrieving and analyzing data within SSAS environments.

This module guides students in incorporating calculations into SSAS cubes, covering the creation and implementation of custom calculations within multidimensional models. It focuses on adding calculated members, measures, and KPIs to enhance data analysis and reporting capabilities within the SSAS environment.

This module explores customizing cube functionality, teaching students to tailor SSAS cubes by implementing advanced features like perspectives and translations. It covers implementing actions to create interactive experiences and navigation within cubes, enhancing user interaction and data exploration capabilities.

This module covers creating perspectives to tailor cube views and translations for multilingual support in SSAS. Students learn to customize data visibility and facilitate multilingual analysis by organizing cube views and implementing translations within SSAS environments.

This module focuses on building a tabular data model using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). Students learn to create tabular models, define relationships, and optimize data for efficient analysis and reporting. The curriculum covers designing data models, defining measures, and utilizing SSAS to create tabular structures for streamlined data analysis within SQL Server environments.

In this module, students learn to construct tabular data models using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), focusing on model design and relationship definition. They explore measures, entity relationships, and utilize SSAS tools to create efficient data structures for analysis and reporting in SQL Server environments.

This module introduces Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), covering its role in formulating calculations and queries within tabular models in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). Students learn the syntax and functionalities of DAX, enabling them to create calculated columns, measures, and manipulate data efficiently for analysis and reporting purposes.

This module instructs students on leveraging Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) within SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) to craft calculated columns and measures. They learn to create custom calculations, derive new column values, and define aggregated measures, enhancing data manipulation and analysis capabilities within tabular data models.

Performing Predictive Analysis with Data Mining involves utilizing algorithms and techniques within SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) to uncover patterns and make predictions from data. Students learn to apply data mining models to historical data, discovering trends, correlations, and predictive insights.

Creating a Custom Data Mining Solution involves designing and implementing tailored data mining models within SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). Students learn to build custom data mining algorithms, define specific parameters, and optimize models for unique business requirements.



The data modelling (SSAS) certification course is aimed to give the fundamental of data. Though this being an intensive program, we aspire to keep the sessions inclusive to a wide range of applicants.
Data Science is a prominent domain in IT , this introductory course is aimed to give users the fundamentals concepts of the data world along with various roles and stages in the data science lifecycle.
Aimed at professionals who deal with large amounts of Data in their jobs on a daily basis to help organizations understand trends and take critical decisions.
Academic achievers who are just out of universities. This program will help add competencies to their portfolio.

Eligibility and Requirements

Learners need to possess an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma.


Knowledge of SQL programming language & Data Extraction and Transformation ETL Concepts are required to take this certification course.

Data modelling (SSAS) certification.


Upon completing this cerification course you will:

  • Receive an industry-recognized certificate from MCIT.
  • Be prepared to enter to take the real world certificate data modelling (SSAS) .



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Yes, there're Teaching Assistants (TAs) available for this program to help you during your labs and ease your learning process.
Yes, there are vouchers to take the official exam.
All of our exceptionally skilled instructors have a decent experience of training and industry experience and are AW certified in the respective field. Each of them through a rigorous selection procedure that included profile screening, technical examination, and a training demo. 
Definitely. Please feel free to contact our office, we will be more than happy to work with you to meet your training needs.