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Supporting Tools for Software Testing (Jira)

This MCIT Certification course provides comprehensive guidance and hands-on experience in utilizing Jira as a pivotal tool for software testing and quality assurance processes. Jira, a widely used project management and issue tracking platform, offers robust functionalities that can streamline testing workflows, enhance collaboration, and ensure product quality. Throughout this course, participants will delve into the core features of Jira specifically tailored to support software testing endeavors.

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  • Supporting Tools for Software Testing (Jira)

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  • Supporting Tools for Software Testing (Jira)

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  • Supporting Tools for Software Testing (Jira)

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Supporting Tools for Software Testing (Jira)

In the "Jira Basics" module, participants explore the fundamentals of Jira, covering aspects such as project creation, issue tracking, and workflow management. This module provides foundational skills for utilizing Jira as a powerful tool in software testing and project management contexts.

This module equips participants with practical skills in setting up projects and boards in Jira, fostering efficient task organization and visualization. The acquired knowledge enhances proficiency in leveraging Jira for effective project management and collaborative software testing.

In this module, participants delve into configuring various issue types and customizing workflows in Jira. This practical training enables users to tailor Jira to specific project needs, optimizing task tracking and workflow management for effective software testing and project coordination.

In this module, participants focus on creating and managing projects, exploring diverse issue types, and understanding how to effectively use Jira for issue tracking and project coordination. This module equips participants with essential skills for leveraging Jira in software testing and collaborative project management scenarios.

This module on Creating Workflows and Work Schemes guides participants in configuring custom workflows and work schemes in Jira. By providing hands-on experience, it enables users to tailor Jira processes, ensuring efficient task management and adaptability to project-specific requirements.

By this module, participants explore generating and interpreting reports within Jira, gaining insights into project progress, issue tracking, and team performance. This module equips users with the skills to utilize Jira's reporting capabilities for effective project monitoring and decision-making in software testing contexts.

In this module, you will learn to generate and interpret various types of reports in Jira, covering areas such as project progress, burndown charts, and issue statistics. This module equips users with diverse reporting tools to make informed decisions and enhance project visibility in software testing environments.

The "Search & Filters" module in Jira empowers participants to harness advanced search functionalities and create custom filters for precise issue retrieval. This module enhances users' abilities to streamline information retrieval, facilitating efficient project tracking and management in software testing scenarios.

In the "Generating Reports" module, participants delve into the process of creating insightful reports using Jira's reporting features. This module equips users with skills to generate and analyze reports efficiently, facilitating data-driven decision-making in software testing and project management contexts.



Career starters : For those people who are either entering the job market or are interested in making a shift in their current job status. The Supporting tools for Software Testing certification can help you understand the tool Jira which is widely used in various sectors.
Professionals aiming to undertake Expert certification exams in Software testing or demonstrate their skills in QA in a professional sphere.
Those seeking to validate a professional ability to work with Software testing applications and tools. Familiarize with various aspects of testing including Test planning, Test documentation, automation & manual testing tools.
Professionals seeking an leverage their earning potential through certification. In a similar survey done among employers, statistics indicate that a recruit feels more comfortable hiring a Software Testing certified professional than recruiting a non certified professional.


The entry criterion for taking this course is that candidates have an interest in software testing.



Students should be knowledgable in either software development or software testing to enroll in thios course.

Supporting tools for Software Testing (Jira) Certification


Upon completing this course, you will receive an industry-recognized certificate from MCIT.

  • Be prepared for any certification related to Jira tool.
  • Receive an industry-recognised certificate from MCIT



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