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Automation Testing with Selenium

Our certificate introduces Selenium, an open-source and portable software testing framework for web applications. Using Java's fundamentals taught in the previous course, students will write scripts to perform automated testing of applications on different browsers and operating systems by using the basics of automation and its related frameworks.

​Class Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday (6:00pm - 9:00pm EST)

Who Should Apply

The certificate was designed for individuals looking to learn Automation Testing with Selenium In addition, the certificate is also great for recent graduates looking to expand their skillset.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Java Fundamentals certificate, or
  • Basic experience with Java programming language


Analyze the general characteristics of the company.

Analyze the company’s mode of operations. 

Analyze the characteristics of the flow of information within the company. 

Analyze the measures taken by the company in response to legal requirements and internal policies regarding information

Analyze the characteristics of the work to be done

Proceed with planning activities

Monitor work activities

Plan tests 

Run the various tests 

Verify the quality of the application.


Automation Testing with Selenium

  • Automated v/s Manual testing  
  • Why organizations prefer Automation 
  • Fundamentals of test automation
  • Understanding the Selenium Framework
  • What is Selenium and why is it in demand  
  • Features of Selenium
  • WebDriver Architecture 
  • Basics of HTML
  • Getting to know the web elements in an application
  • Tags, attributes and forms   
  • Set up the environment for automation
  • Using drivers for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • First WebDriver program demonstration
  • Basic methods to locate UI elements in a web page
  • Importance of attributes in locating elements
  • Locators and Locating Techniques

LAB 1    Write a web driver script that logs in to your Linked-In account.

  • When and why is Xpath used
  • Managing popups that appear in web applications

LAB 2    Write a web driver script that dismisses any pop-ups or alerts that appear on a website.
On the same website locate elements using their Xpath.

  • Access different elements in a form like a checkbox, buttons, textbox, etc
  • Choosing options in dropdowns

LAB 3    Write a web driver script that accesses web elements in a form in a website and works with them, like clicking on buttons and checking boxes.

  • Setting the default time for all elements in a web page to load
  • Explicitly specifying the time to load for specific elements

LAB 4    Write a web driver script that waits for 10 seconds for the elements to appear on a website.

  • Set up the environment for TestNG framework
  • The significance of TestNG in reducing time and effort
  • Executing multiple test cases
  • What are Annotations and why are they useful
  • Testing.xml for initiating execution
  • Ordering test case execution using priorities
  • Executing test cases in multiple classes
  • Generating test execution reports

LAB 5    Write a web driver script that executes multiple test cases in multiple classes and assigns priorities to test cases in individual classes.

  • Grouping test cases 
  • Creating dependent test cases
  • Passing parameters using data providers

LAB 6    Write a web driver script that groups test cases in a class.

  • Triggering actions on the occurrence of events like a failed test
  • Linking listeners with test cases
  • Using parameters for different test files
  • Passing parameters for executing tests with different inputs

LAB 7    Creating scripts that make use of TestNG concepts like Listeners and parameters.

  • Understanding the significance of design patterns in programming
  • Merits of the POM design pattern
  • Implementing the POM design pattern for test case execution
  • File upload and download, Switching frames
  • Uploading and Downloading Files 
  • Switch frames in an application  

LAB 8   Create a mini project that implements the POM design pattern and executes tests on a website according to the pattern by making separate classes for separate web pages.

  • Set up the environment for executing tests in Firefox  
  • Execute tests in Firefox and Mozilla 

Earn MCIT Certification

Upon completing this course, you will receive an industry-recognized certificate from MCIT. Once you complete this exam, you will earn your official Automation Testing with Selenium certification.

Why join MCIT?

  • Taught by Industry Expert Instructors
  • Real-Time, Hands-on Training
  • Post Graduation Job Placement
  • 24/7 Virtual Lab Access
  • Flexible Schedule (Evening and Weekend Class Times)
  • Vendor Authorized Trainings



The instructor-led classes were an incredibly practical approach to a personalized and effective learning experience

Amentor Messanvi — Software Testing Consultant at CGI
  • Automation Testing with Selenium  
  • Automation Testing with Selenium  
  • Automation Testing with Selenium  
  • Automation Testing with Selenium  
  • Automation Testing with Selenium  


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