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Data Science

Our Business Intelligence and Data Analysis certificates are tailor-made for industry professionals who want the edge to make them indispensable to any organization. As reliance on data to make business decision grows, professionals need to stay up-to-date with the relevant technologies.

Montreal College offers certificates in the field of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis that help you develop a better understanding of both core and advanced concepts of business analysis.

Who are these courses meant for

> Working professionals in IT who want to improve their career prospects.

> Engineering and IT students who seek to fill the gaps in their college education and add international certifications to their resumé.

> College students who want to acquire advanced IT skills and obtain certifications recognized by IT employers.

Why certificate courses?

>Certificate courses are recognized industry-wide by all IT employers.

> Employers value the quality assurance that comes with hiring certified professionals.

> Surveys show that certified professionals have higher salaries and better career advancement opportunities.