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Computer Science Technician LEA.D9

Computer Science Technician


As the IT industry is on track to reach over $5 trillion, individuals with knowledge and aptitude for troubleshooting networks, programming platforms & operating systems will be in high demand.
Montreal College of Information Technology aims to prepare students in all aspects of software development and maintenance, troubleshooting Networks/systems to design and code with widely used programming language like JavaScript, Python .Net along with the integration of DevOPs best practices. This will give you a solid grip to use DevOps to measure metrics and gauge engineering performance though out the product life cycles.
According to Accelerate State of DevOps report, 31,000 professionals worldwide have already adopted DevOps practices. A major part of the Diploma will emphasize DevOps principles and practices such as, continuous integration, deployment automation, infrastructure as code and continuous improvement among the development teams.
Followed up with the development phase, the program will extend to prepare students with networking skills such as installation, configuration and managing various operating
systems including Microsoft servers, different distributions of Linux supported by virtualization tools and network infrastructure, supporting data and network security.
MCIT’S goal is to keep the program and curriculum current and relevant up to the industry standard so that you have the knowledge and skills to work in a cutting-edge high-tech sector.


  • Computer Science Technician

    Industry Focused

    Our curriculum is kept up to date with the latest industry trends ensuring all our graduates are prepared for the job market.
  • Computer Science Technician

    Project Based Learning

    Our courses are delivered by professionals with years of experience having learned first-hand the best, in-demand techniques, concepts, and latest Business Analyst tools.
  • Computer Science Technician

    Learn while you Work

    Our students have access to their labs and course materials at any hour of the day to maximize their learning potential.
  • Computer Science Technician

    Career center services

    Students have access to a complete work-oriented program that gives them access to CV/resume preparation, the latest job opportunities within their desired fields.
  • Computer Science Technician

    Domain specific mentorship

    Working closely with our industry expert instructors, they can provide guidance and help you network within the field, providing you with a unique advantage in the workforce.
*Industry focus * Job market matched programs * Get trained by industry experts * Learn while you work * Latest tools and frameworks * 24/7 Lab access * Co-Op internship available * Over 5000 strong alumni network *State of the Art Infrastructure (dedicated VM for each student)


A.E.C. Computer Science Technician LEA.D9 - (Programmer Analyst)

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To give students a sound start, they are introduced to a broad and robust understanding of computer science and programming which will help them think algorithmic-ally and solve problems efficiently. This will also, give them the overview of computer hardware, software, operating system and how to navigate through the network infrastructure.

As knowledge of database is one of the important skills for any programmer, irrespective of technology, framework and domain, in the module you will learn how to create SQL queries and different types of joints. You will also learn different database types and its functionality which will enhance your data analytics skills with real -world data science exercises.

According to the TIOBE Index, Python is the most popular programming language in the field of software development and analytics. In this module you will learn the fundamental programming structures and how to use OOP features like encapsulation, inheritance, interfaces, overloading, overriding and Polymorphism. In the end you will have a solid grip of Python concepts from the basics to more in-depth understanding of its logic.

This course will give you the basic background, terminology and fundamental concepts that you need to understand in order to build a full stack web and enterprise application. This program will make you familiar with technologies involved in a web application, starting with the user interface and development. Unterstanding Bootstrap will help you to build dynamic web pages using JavaScript and jQuery. Overall the module will prepare you to take up developer roles in top notch enterprises.

In this module you will continually refine a fully functional full-stack web application as we progress to the back-end aspect of development. By using the most demanding programming language Phyton, you will be able to Develop framework-based applications for database interaction such as MVC - e.g. Django | persistence - e.g. | Testing - e.g.

In this module you will be exposed to the advanced programming techniques such as - Microservices, loosely coupled deployable architecture meant for small & medium businesses, Webservices(REST API)to exchange data between systems.During the development phase you will learn to solve recurring software issues by applying Design patterns & Design principles.

Understand DevOps trends like serverless computing, Machine learning, FaaS, DevOps Roles like Release manager, Automation Architect, Principles & Practices, Version Controlling using Remote repositories (Git, Bitbucket) Agile Methodology. In the end, you will have the overall knowledge of various methodologies and tools an organization can adopt for DevOps best practise and principles

This will help you understand the Automation process by selecting a Test Tool to, define the scope, plan and execute through Continuous Integration(using Jenkins). After this you will follow through with Continuous Delivery(Principles of CD, Leading CD practices)with Selenium.

Here you will learn to manage Containers that can be managed like applications, which can control processes, managed by the host operating system’s - kernel. This is managed through Containerization with the help of Docker Ecosystem & Networking Change - Release automation.

You will learn to monitor the performance, capacity, and maintenance of Linux and Windows applications across multiple server spaces and domains. This course will also help you to get hands on with remote offices, and the cloud Infrastructure through Virtual environment installation/Configuration management(using Ansible) Cloud Computing(DevOps & Cloud - Google Cloud/Microsoft Azure/AWS) Continuous Monitoring of the systems(using Nagios)

Getting the right skills and make it marketable to the employer is one of the important aspects of finding jobs. In this part of the program, you would be able to develop the habits and attitudes to perform effectively in the job market. Also, you will get the skills to develop a practical approach for engaging your LinkedIn network. Overall the module will give you the framework for success in creating a fulfilling professional life through Cover Letter, CV and social media job functions, search tools and strategies and interview skills.

At the end of the program,students complete a real-time, industrially-simulated project which will equip them with tools and strategies to be applied in structured learning experiences in programming as well as a benchmark for the learning objectives

Students will also complete a real-time, industrially-simulated project in networking and technical support.

Become ready for the workplace

These MCIT programs help you to be job ready.


The Intelligent Networking with companies, instructors sharing their network, Peer to peer networking, Meet with recruiters.


Resume is the key to making the first impact with your profile.


Resume building, LinkedIn Training, Mock interviews hosted by companies, Technical interview prep, Behavioral interviews.


We assist you turn your projects into relevant portfolios.


Enhance your portfolio with relevant projects, Tell your story, Relevancy of the projects, Display experience.


Mentorship & guidance - the key to career success.


The Mentors, instructors, or alumni help you understand the required skills for your desired career path and the path to land your dream job!  



Career switchers : Meant for those who are seeking to enter the job market or are interested in making a shift in their current job status in a multi dimensional field of programming & Networking. MCIT’s Computer Science program can help you fray into, or start a new career as a fully loaded IT professional.
Career starters : Familiarize Fundamentals of Programming, Databases, Enterprise Applications, DevOps  techniques, procurement tools and Inventory terminologies used by IT professionals. Master everything from the ground up, making you an expert in the field. 
Professionals : Meant for experienced IT professionals and Network personnel, the Computer Science Technician program can further help you learn how to develop, package & release applications that meet the industry requirements.
Fresh Graduates : Fresh University grads who wish to expand their skillset and augment their academic credentials with technology training.
Computer Science Technician
Andi M

System Analyst, St. Joseph's Healthcare

Computer Science Technician
Daniel Siyou

Network Administrator, Hitachi systems

Computer Science Technician
Danial Davari

Network Supervisor, Lamour

Computer Science Technician
Mehrdad M

Network Administrator

Admissions Process

The admission process entails the submission of several key documents. Applicants must provide their diploma and transcripts

  • Highest level of education.
  • Current resume detailing professional and education
  • Birth certificate translated into either English or French
  • 2 Photo identification are necessary

Upon successful completion of the program, the college grants the student an AEC (Attestation d’études collégiale)

Computer Science Technician (LEA.D9)
-1800 hrs-

Certification Tracks
Dev Ops Certification


Loans & Scholarships

Scholarships for New Graduates

Students who have graduated with a post secondary diploma or degree from a qualifying institution in the last two years.

Scholarships for New Immigrants

Students who have arrived in Canada two years or less at the time of submitting their application.

Merrit based Scholarships

The Montreal College of Information Technology offers merit-based scholarships to deserving candidates,for exceptional academic or professional contributions.

Other Options

We also have scholarships
for students who were laid off recently
in the past 6 months.


Empower students through Financial Aid

Conveying our commitment to student success through financial support.

Loans through the Government

Apply with the government to get financial aid through the AFE loan program (Aide financière aux études/Student financial assistance).

Loans fromPartners

Our financial partners offer loans and personalized support to local entrepreneurs and internationally trained professionals.

Application Advice

Our financial partners offer loans and personalized support to local entrepreneurs and internationally trained professionals.



Montreal College offered a superior package over the other career schools and community colleges. Their tuition package included the cost of certification, testing and learning material. I also had access to instructors through appointments and emails.

Yetumde Dairo —


    11 October 2024

    Register before 10 October 2024

    14 February 2025

    Register before 13 February 2025

    13 June 2025

    Register before 12 June 2025

    Registration deadline:
    For international students, it is highly recommended to register three months before the starting date. Talk to one of our advisors for more details about the registration process.

    — F.A.Q —

    Our Computer Science Technician program focuses on providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to support and maintain computer systems, networks, and software applications. The program covers areas such as hardware troubleshooting, network configuration, operating systems, cybersecurity, and software installation.

    Our program offers comprehensive training in various aspects of computer science and IT support. Topics include computer hardware, networking fundamentals, operating systems (Windows, Linux), cybersecurity basics, software troubleshooting, and IT support principles.

    While prior knowledge of computer systems and basic IT concepts is beneficial, it is not always required. Our program caters to students with varying levels of expertise, from beginners to professionals seeking to enhance their skills in computer science and IT support. 

    To be eligible for a program of study leading to an attestation of college studies (AEC), Student must have training deemed sufficient by the college and meet one of the following conditions:

    • have interrupted your full-time studies or pursued full-time post-secondary studies for at least 2 consecutive sessions or one school year;
    • be covered by an agreement concluded between the college and an employer or benefit from a government program;
    • have interrupted your full-time studies for one session and have pursued full-time post-secondary studies for one session;
    • hold a professional studies diploma.
      1. the program of study makes it possible to acquire technical training in a field for which there is no program of study leading to a college diploma;
      2. the study program is covered by an agreement concluded between the Minister and a department or agency of the Government of Québec regarding training.

    Student must meet all the following requirements:

    • Knowledge of computer hardware and Operating Systems like Windows, MacOS.
    • Advanced High School mathematics
    • Good to have knowledge on programming language

    Our program content is curated from industry-recognized leaders such as CompTIA, Cisco, and Microsoft, ensuring alignment with the latest industry standards and practices. Each program is thoughtfully designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen field and to confidently pursue real-world certifications.

    Graduates of our program can pursue various career paths including IT support specialist, network technician, systems administrator, help desk technician, cybersecurity technician, and more. Our career services team provides guidance and support for job placement and advancement.

    Yes, our programs are designed to accommodate students with varying levels of expertise, including beginners. Our instructors and  courses tailored for beginners to provide a solid foundation with varying levels of expertise.

    Our programs utilize a combination of lectures, hands-on lab exercises, case studies, and real-world projects to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. We also provide access to online resources and support forums for additional learning.

    Yes, we facilitate internships and practical experience opportunities with industry partners to help students apply their skills in real-world scenarios and gain valuable experience.

    Yes, we offer flexible study options including part-time evening classes and online courses to accommodate students with busy schedules or those unable to attend in person.

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