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We see our instructors as mentors and learning catalysts whose supervision and guidance empowers students to achieve expertise in advanced information technology.

These talented resources, with proven track records, work in tandem with our advisors to provide an inspiring and enduring learning experience that translates into career success.


Sami Islam ( Cloud Instructor )

Sami Islam

Sami Islam has 10+ years of experience in the IT and Consulting Industry, specializing in comprehensive Cloud solutions. With expertise in Agile Methodology, he has led numerous Cloud Transformation projects, including migration, CI/CD Pipeline automation, and Data Warehousing solutions. Sami holds multiple certifications, including Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect, AWS Solutions Architect Associate, and Azure Certifications.

Germán A. Torres ( Cloud Instructor)

Germán A. Torres

Germán, a dedicated Frontline Enablement Lead at Google, brings over 10 years of valuable experience to his role. As an accomplished engineer, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast, he possesses an unwavering passion for work, applied sciences, and cutting-edge product design. Germán's visionary mindset led him to establish Rumbo Mobile Inc., a pioneering company that is dedicated to revolutionizing the parking marketplace with its innovative solutions.


  • Learn to change, change to learn
  • Pursue excellence in all endeavours
  • Act ethically and with integrity
  • Respect the equality and diversity of all members
  • Recognize the value of time
  • Lift others as you lift yourself