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Introduction to Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending. solutions that deliver value to stakeholders. It is a broad profession in which business analysts might perform work for many different types of initiatives across an enterprise. The primary purpose of this course is to allow students define the profession of business analysis and be aware of commonly accepted practices and required competencies to become a Business Analyst.

  • 16 October 2024
  • 15 Hours
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Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6pm - 9pm


  • Introduction to Business Analysis

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  • Introduction to Business Analysis

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  • Introduction to Business Analysis

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  • Introduction to Business Analysis

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  • Introduction to Business Analysis

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Introduction to Business Analysis

This module introduces Business Analysis, covering techniques for identifying business needs, eliciting requirements, and devising effective solutions. It explores key concepts like stakeholder analysis, SWOT analysis, and the role of a business analyst in facilitating successful organizational change.

This module delves into Business Analysis Frameworks and Methodologies, examining tools such as PESTLE analysis and SWOT analysis for strategic planning. It explores methodologies like Six Sigma and BPMN, providing a comprehensive understanding of diverse approaches to enhance business processes.

This module focuses on Requirements Elicitation and Documentation, addressing techniques like interviews and surveys to gather project requirements effectively. It emphasizes creating clear and concise documentation, crucial for ensuring a shared understanding among stakeholders and guiding the development process.

This module centers on Stakeholder Communication and Management, emphasizing strategies for engaging and collaborating with diverse project stakeholders. It covers effective communication plans, stakeholder analysis, and relationship-building techniques to ensure successful project outcomes through continuous engagement.

This module explores Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking, providing tools and techniques to analyze complex issues and develop effective solutions. It emphasizes fostering a mindset that encourages logical reasoning, creativity, and systematic problem-solving skills applicable across various domains.

This module examines Business Analysis Tools and Software, showcasing applications such as Microsoft Visio, Jira, and IBM Rational Rose for requirements management and modeling. It covers how these tools enhance efficiency in data analysis, documentation, and overall decision-making within the business analysis process.

This module addresses Business Analysis in Practice, applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. It emphasizes practical implementation of analysis techniques, stakeholder engagement, and effective communication, providing insights into navigating challenges and delivering valuable business solutions.



The Introduction to Business Analysis certification course is aimed to give the fundamental of business analytics. Though this being an intensive program, we aspire to keep the sessions inclusive to a wide range of applicants.
Business Analyst is a prominent role in IT, this introductory course is aimed to give users the fundamentals concepts of the business analytics world along with various roles and stages in the analytics lifecycle.
Aimed at professionals who deal with the analysis of large amounts of Data in their jobs on a daily basis to help organizations understand trends and take critical decisions.
Academic achievers who are just out of universities. This program will help add competencies to their portfolio.

Introduction to Business Anlysis Certification.


Upon completing this cerification course you will:

  • Receive an industry-recognized certificate from MCIT.
  • Be prepared to enter into the world to Business Analysis.



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