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What are Certifications?

Certifications are industry-recognized credentials that provide measurable benefits to IT professionals and their employers. They are a reliable validation of training and experience that accelerate professional development, improve productivity and heighten credibility.

Industry certification is a great way for you to invest in professional development and boost your career potential. IT managers know that the skills verified during the certification process are the same ones that can help lead to decreased time-to-market, improved project deployment, increased employee expertise, enhanced efficiency, and greater employee and customer satisfaction.

Montreal College of Information Technology’s IT Certification Academy is partnered with the technology world’s leaders. They officially recognize us for our thorough programs packed with practical, up-to-date knowledge and skill-development exercises that adequately prepare our graduates for their technical certification exams.

MCIT is an authorized Pearson Vue and Kryterion testing center.

Who are these courses meant for

> Working professionals in IT who want to improve their career prospects.

> Engineering & IT students who seek to fill the gaps in their college education and add international certifications to their resumé.

> College students who want to acquire advanced IT skills and obtain certifications recognized by IT employers.

Why certificate courses?

>Certifications courses are recognized industry-wide by all IT employers.

> Employers value the quality assurance that comes with hiring certified professionals.

> Surveys show that certified professionals have higher salaries and better career advancement opportunities.


Our community of knowledge.Your foundation for success.


The program helped me gain a solid understanding of the Mobile app development modules, algorithms, data structures, junit, MVC patterns and developing enterprise solutions, among others.I would highlight the micro student units allowing maximum student- teacher interactivity.

Maria Angela Diaz — Mobile Development Student

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

Steve Jobs

— F.A.Q —

Certificate programs, which are made up of several modules, allow students to acquire specific IT skills that are associated with job requirements. Certificates provide up-to-date, quality education for programs in Microsoft, SAP, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, and many more.
Diploma programs offer a broader curriculum and are geared towards students who are relatively new to the field, whereas certificates enhance a specific skill associated with a job requirement for professionals already active in the IT industry.
As a general rule, grade-12 English reading and writing skills are required. Please be sure to check the course description for any prerequisites.
Courses end with an exam. Upon passing the exam, students obtain a Certificate of Completion.
Please contact an MCIT program adviser at (514-312-2383) for the next available dates.
Between 24 to 80 hours.
The acceptance rate averages between 65% and 72%.
IT professionals who want to progress further in their career or engineering and IT students who want to improve their job prospects.