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SAP Inventory Management

This MCIT certificate course will give you a comprehensive overview and in-depth knowledge of the inventory management process in SAP. After completing this course, the student will have a basic understanding of the major business processes, functions and configuration in inventory management along with a knowledge of goods movements and issues faced in the SAP system. The aim is to familiarize the students with the special functions of inventory management and physical inventory.

  • 29 November 2024
  • 30 Hours
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  • SAP Inventory Management

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  • SAP Inventory Management

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  • SAP Inventory Management

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  • SAP Inventory Management

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  • SAP Inventory Management

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SAP Inventory Management

This module introduces participants to Inventory Management, providing foundational knowledge on principles such as stock control, demand forecasting, and order fulfillment. Participants gain insights into optimizing inventory levels and enhancing overall supply chain efficiency.

In this module on Goods Receipts, participants explore the SAP processes for receiving and recording incoming goods. The focus is on mastering SAP functionalities related to goods receipt transactions, ensuring accurate inventory updates and seamless integration within the supply chain.

This module on Reservations in SAP covers the processes of reserving inventory for specific purposes, providing participants with the skills to manage and track reserved stock efficiently. Participants learn to utilize SAP functionalities for creating, modifying, and releasing reservations within the supply chain context.

In this Goods Issues module, participants delve into SAP processes for the issuance of goods, gaining proficiency in recording and tracking outbound shipments. The focus is on mastering SAP functionalities related to goods issue transactions, ensuring accurate inventory management and smooth supply chain operations.

This module on Stock Transfers and Transfer Postings in SAP equips participants with the knowledge to efficiently manage the movement of inventory within the supply chain. Participants learn SAP functionalities for executing seamless stock transfers and transfer postings, optimizing stock distribution across various locations.

In this Physical Inventory module, participants gain insights into SAP processes for conducting accurate and efficient physical inventory counts. The focus is on utilizing SAP functionalities to reconcile inventory levels, ensuring data accuracy and compliance within the supply chain.

This module on Special Stocks in SAP covers the management of specific stock categories, such as consignment stock or project stock. Participants learn SAP functionalities to handle and track special stocks, ensuring precise accounting and control within the supply chain context.



Career starters : For those people who are either entering the job market or are interested in making a shift in their current job status. Learning the SAP Inventory Management module can help you transition into, or start a new career as a fully equipped SAP Procurement Specialist.
Professionals aiming to undertake further SAP certifications to earn a SAP Inventory Management Certification or demonstrate their skills in SAP navigation in a professional capacity.
Those seeking to validate a professional ability to work with SAP tools. Familiarize with SAP logon, navigation SAP for users who do not yet have specific programming background knowledge and want to customize SAP modules.
Ideal for users who do not have programming language skills, this course provides an overview of SAP Inventory Management functions for learners who lack specific SAP background knowledge and want to build their skills ground up.

Eligibility and Requirements

Learners need to possess an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma. No need of any professional experience is required as this is a basic course.



SAP Fundamentals is a prerequiste for this course.

SAP Inventory Management Certification.


Upon completing this cerification course you will:

  • Receive an industry-recognized certificate from MCIT.
  • Be prepared for the Official SAP Inventory Management Certification.



29 November 2024

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Upon completion of the certification course classes you will be provided with an MCIT certificate.