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Pay My Tuition

At Montreal College of Information Technology, we know that finance can be an important factor as you plan for your post-secondary studies. With a variety of financial assistance options to consider, we’re here to guide you through the process and help you access the resources that you need. For more questions read our FAQ

Instructions for students inside Canada


  1. Select your bank from the list below.
  2. Find your bank’s sign-in page and proceed to login.
  3. Select Montreal College of Info Tech from the billers list.
  4. Enter your account information.

Account number is your Student Number.
Note: If your student ID has 8 digits please add 0 to start.
Following are the banks from where you can transfer the funds.

National Bank

We will provide you the receipt for your payment within 5 business days. If your bank is not on this list, you cannot use direct payment. But don’t worry, this is not only the option we have.We also accept Credit card payments.

To pay by credit card, please click here and update credit card information.

If you are going to pay by intreact payment please use this email id [email protected]

Please use the link

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
Finance department
Contact number: 1 514 312 2383 option number 2
Email: [email protected]

Program Costs

To know the details of the program of your choice please contact a Program Advisor.

Fees Notice

Once you will get admitted in the program of your choice, you will get a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from the college with the complete details of your installment plan. You will also receive a reminder from the Finance department via email/phone ten days prior to the next installment date and two days after the due installment date.

Late Deposit Payments

If you did not contact the Finance department well in advance about the delay in payment of your due balance, there will be a late charge. There are also chances that your accesses will be blocked from the Academics department and other college services.

Change Request

For any type of Change Request in your student status like Deferral, Cancellation, Refund, etc. please raise a request following this link
You will get the response within 5 business days from the day you submit the ticket.


If you have additional questions about tuition and fees and would like to get more details about making payments, please get in touch with us. As we are constantly assisting other candidates, we will get back to you within three business days.

— F.A.Q —

You can pay the tuitions by choosing the below options:1) For Scotia bank, RBC, HSBC, BMO, CIBC & Desjardins customers - You have an option to pay the fees by Bill payment- under the name- “MONTREAL COLLEGE OF INFO TECH”( the Account number would be your Student ID)2) Easily register a payment online(Interac- at [email protected]) 3) If you are trying to make a payment from OUTSIDE CANADA, you can refer to the following link to make a payment- 4) Debit Authorization Form - Upon request (for Credit card payments only) 5) By direct Bank payment (Go to the bank for deposit of the funds) 6) You can also mail us a payment cheque. IF you are outside Canada you can make the payment via FLYWIRE which is a easy online portal available on our website.
Yes you can defer your admission. please contact admissions.
Yes, but you need to apply for a Work Permit.
Yes. International students are entitled to work up to twenty (20) hours per week during their full-time studies and may work as many hours as they wish during scheduled school breaks.
The program advisors at Montreal College are always there to assist the applicants in helping them choose a program.
At Montreal College, an AEC (Attestations d'études collégiales) diploma is awarded that is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Quebec.
No MCIT does not provide accommodation. You have to arrange your own accommodation.