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Supply Chain  Management
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  • 11 October 2024

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The Supply Chain Management Diploma with a focus is focused on the top 5 drivers behind SCM: Inventory, production, location, transportation, and information. SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) systems are currently involved in almost every transaction process globally (76%) and is continuing to grow on a yearly basis.

Starting with a theoretical approach to all 5 drivers of SCM, MCIT (Montreal College of Information Technology) bridges the gap between the theoretical and actual hands-on use of the concepts. Our diploma focuses expressly on taking the garnered theory and applying them to real-life, functional SAP-ERP applications. Our students acquire a broad range of SAP modules from Production Planning (SAP PP), Material Management (SAP MM), and Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) through our courses and practice sessions where students learn to implement SAP solutions discussed during class using the SAP tool. 
** MCIT is an independent trainer & does not offer any SAP official training as part of our programs. ** 


A.E.C. – Supply Chain Management (LCA.EN)
-(900 hrs)-

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This course offers a comprehensive introduction to Supply Chain Management (SCM) principles and their integration using SAP software. Supply Chain Management plays a pivotal role in modern business operations, encompassing the planning, execution, control, and optimization of processes across the supply chain network. Throughout this course, you'll explore the fundamental concepts of SCM and how SAP systems facilitate seamless integration and management of these critical processes.

This course will give you the fundamental knowledge and a comprehensive overview of the procurement processes in SAP. After attending this class, the students will be able to understand usage of the procurement processes for stock material, consumable materials and services, the basic functions from purchasing, inventory management, invoice verification, service entry and materials planning. The Logistics Information System will introduce the students to inbound logistics, a concept that lays the foundation for decision making in Supply Chain Management. 

This course will give you a full overview and a deep understanding of the inventory management process in SAP. After completing this course, the student will have a basic understanding of the major business processes, functions and configuration in inventory management along with a knowledge of goods movements and issues faced in the SAP system. The aim is to familiarize the students with the special functions of inventory management and physical inventory. 

This course will give you a comprehensive overview and in-depth knowledge of the warehouse management process in SAP. The SAP warehouse management application provides flexible, automated support to assist you in processing all goods movements and in maintaining current stock inventories in your warehousing complex. After completing this course, student will understand how to handle the warehousing processes like define and manage complex warehousing structures, optimize material flow using advanced put away and picking techniques, Process goods receipts, goods issues and stock transfers quickly and easily etc.  

This course will give you a comprehensive overview of the outbound logistics in SAP. In this course, hands-on experience is provided to students on how to create a sales order and the background to how the order is being processed. Once the sales order is created, students will learn to configure the outbound delivery. At the end of the course, students will be able to create sales orders to control the logistic process and also perform outbound delivery.

This course will give you a comprehensive overview and in-depth knowledge of the SAP Production Planning It is the process of aligning demand with manufacturing capacity to create production and procurement schedules for finished products and components. The SAP PP module is a crucial component. It records the projected and actual expenses, for example, and keeps track of the manufacturing process flows. Moreover, the flow of commodities from the raw material conversion to the semi-finished state. 

This course is designed to teach students how to integrate themselves into the Canadian job market. In 4 short weeks, we look at the kind of mindset that is needed to be successful in the job search process, how to shape the CV and cover letters, we practice interview skills, and much more. 

At the end of the program, students use SAP Software to work on an industrially-simulated, logistics project involving real-time data.

Become ready for the workplace

These MCIT programs helps you to be job ready.


The Intelligent Networking Networking with companies Instructors sharing their network Peer to peer networking Meet with recruiters.


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Resume building, LinkedIn Training, Mock interviews hosted by companies, Technical interview prep, Behavioral interviews.


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Career starters : Meant for individuals who are seeking to enter the job market or are interested in making a shift in their current job status. MCIT’s Supply Chain program can help you transition into, or start a new career as a fully functional Supply Chain professional.
Inventory personnel : Familiarize planning & production  techniques, procurement tools and Inventory terminologies used by Supply Chain professionals daily. Master everything from the ground up, making you an expert in the field. 
Logistic personnel : Meant for experienced logistic and Inventory personnel, the Supply Chain program can further help you learn how to plan source, make, deliver & return.
Fresh Graduates : Fresh university grads seeking to expand skillsets and augment your augment your academic credentials with a Supply Chain Management training.
Supply Chain  Management
Englebert G


Supply Chain  Management
AÏcha Moussa M

SAP Supply Chain Management Professional

Supply Chain  Management
Amadou Tapa S

SAP Supply Chain Management Professional

Supply Chain  Management
Aasma A

BI Developer

Admissions Process

The admission process entails the submission of several key documents. Applicants must provide their diploma and transcripts

  • Highest level of education.
  • Current resume detailing professional and education
  • Birth certificate translated into either English or French
  • 2 Photo identification are necessary

Upon successful completion of the program, the college grants the student an AEC (Attestation d’études collégiale)
Supply Chain Management (LCA.EN)
-900 hrs-

Certification Tracks
SAP Certified Associate 
SAP Certified Application Associate


Loans & Scholarships

Scholarships for New Graduates

Students who have graduated with a post secondary diploma or degree from a qualifying
institution in
the last two years.

Scholarships for New Immigrants

Students who have arrived in Canada two years or

less at the time of 
 submitting their 

Merrit based Scholarships

The Montreal College of Information Technology offers merit-based scholarships to deserving candidates,for exceptional academic or professional contributions.


We also have scholarships
for students who were laid off recently
in the past 6 months.


Empower students through Financial Aid

Conveying our commitment to student success through financial support.

Loans through the Government

Apply with the government to get financial aid through the AFE loan program (Aide financière aux études/Student financial assistance).

Loans fromPartners

Our financial partners offer loans and personalized support to local entrepreneurs and internationally trained professionals.


Our financial partners offer loans and personalized support to local entrepreneurs and internationally trained professionals.



I found SAP University training program to be expensive and rapid (3 days boot camp type). Plus the fact that I had to travel and live in Toronto would add to my total training costs. In Montreal College, I found an extremely well designed, and structured program spread over 3 months rendered in the evenings that allowed me to keep my day job while invested in enhancing my skills. By the end of the program, I was ready to be productive in the work environment and had the necessary building blocks to write the certification exam. If you are watching this video, look no further! Write to Montreal College now and reserve your seat for the next session.

Yacine Bradaï —


    11 October 2024

    Register before 10 October 2024

    14 February 2025

    Register before 13 February 2025

    13 June 2025

    Register before 12 June 2025

    Registration deadline:
    For international students, it is highly recommended to register three months before the starting date. Talk to one of our advisors for more details about the registration process.

    — F.A.Q —

    Our Supply Chain Management program, with a focus on SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products), provides students with in-depth knowledge of supply chain processes, SAP software implementation, configuration, and optimization. Topics include procurement, production planning, inventory management, logistics, and warehouse management.

    Our program content is curated from industry-recognized leaders such as SAP, ensuring alignment with the latest industry standards and practices. Each program is thoughtfully designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen field and to confidently pursue real-world certifications.

    Yes, our programs are designed to accommodate students with varying levels of expertise, including beginners. Our instructors and  courses tailored for beginners to provide a solid foundation with varying levels of expertise.

    While prior knowledge of business concepts and software applications is beneficial, it is not always required. Our programs cater to students with varying levels of expertise, from beginners to professionals seeking to enhance their skills in these areas. 

    To be eligible for a program of study leading to an attestation of college studies (AEC), Student must have training deemed sufficient by the college and meet one of the following conditions:

    • Have interrupted your full-time studies or pursued full-time post-secondary studies for at least 2 consecutive sessions or one school year;
    • Be covered by an agreement concluded between the college and an employer or benefit from a government program;
    • Have interrupted your full-time studies for one session and have pursued full-time post-secondary studies for one session; 
    • Hold a professional studies diploma.
      1. The program of study makes it possible to acquire technical training in a field for which there is no program of study leading to a college diploma;
      2. The study program is covered by an agreement concluded between the Minister and a department or agency of the Government of Québec regarding training.

    Student must meet all the following requirements:

    • Knowledge of computer hardware and Operating Systems like Windows, MacOS.
    • Advanced High School mathematics
    • Good to have knowledge on ERP systems

    Our programs utilize a combination of lectures, hands-on lab exercises, case studies, and real-world projects to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. We also provide access to online resources and support forums for additional learning.

    Yes, we facilitate internships and practical experience opportunities with industry partners to help students apply their skills in real-world scenarios and gain valuable experience.

    Graduates of our programs can pursue various career paths including supply chain analyst, SAP consultant, logistics coordinator, procurement specialist, and more. Our career services team provides guidance and support for job placement and advancement.

    Yes, we offer flexible study options including part-time evening classes and online courses to accommodate students with busy schedules or those unable to attend in person.

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