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Cloud Security Certification

The Cloud security course with an AWS focus is designed to prepare cybersecurity professionals to secure cloud environments specifically within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. This comprehensive training program covers the key domains of cloud security as outlined by (ISC)² while emphasizing practical applications and best practices within the AWS ecosystem.

  • 07 October 2024
  • 30 Hours
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Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6pm - 9pm


  • Cloud Security Certification

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  • Cloud Security Certification

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  • Cloud Security Certification

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  • Cloud Security Certification

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  • Cloud Security Certification

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Network Administrator

In this module, students explore cloud security fundamentals, covering essential concepts and frameworks to secure cloud-based infrastructures. They gain insights into security measures tailored for cloud environments, emphasizing fundamental principles and strategies for robust cloud security.

This module introduces AWS Security, offering an overview of security measures and best practices within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem. Students explore foundational AWS security concepts, emphasizing strategies to safeguard cloud-based resources and data.

This module delves into cloud data security and encryption, focusing on safeguarding data stored in cloud environments. Students learn encryption techniques and security measures tailored for cloud-based data, ensuring confidentiality and integrity within cloud storage systems.

This module covers AWS data protection measures, emphasizing strategies and tools within Amazon Web Services to secure and protect sensitive data. Students explore AWS-specific data protection mechanisms and best practices for ensuring data integrity and confidentiality in cloud environments.

This module explores Identity and Access Management (IAM) principles within cloud environments, emphasizing strategies to control access and manage user identities. Students learn IAM techniques specific to cloud platforms, ensuring secure user authentication and authorization within cloud-based systems.

This module focuses on AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), detailing its role in controlling access to AWS resources. Students delve into IAM policies, user management, and permissions, gaining practical insights into securing and managing access within the AWS ecosystem.

This module emphasizes securing both cloud infrastructure and applications, covering strategies and tools to protect resources and software within cloud environments. Students explore measures tailored for securing cloud-based infrastructures and applications against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

This module delves into protecting AWS infrastructure, highlighting security measures and best practices within Amazon Web Services. Students learn techniques to secure and fortify AWS infrastructure, ensuring resilience against potential threats and vulnerabilities in cloud environments.

This module covers incident response and security operations in cloud environments, emphasizing protocols and strategies to handle security incidents within cloud-based systems. Students learn how to effectively respond to security threats and incidents, enhancing security operations in cloud environment

This module focuses on incident response and security operations specific to Amazon Web Services (AWS), detailing protocols and best practices to handle security incidents within AWS environments. Students learn AWS-specific incident response procedures, enhancing security measures and operational readiness within the AWS ecosystem.

This module delves into cloud risk management and compliance strategies, emphasizing techniques to assess and mitigate risks within cloud environments. Students learn compliance standards and risk assessment methodologies tailored for cloud services, ensuring adherence to regulations and efficient risk management.

This module delves into advanced AWS security concepts, exploring intricate security measures and specialized strategies within Amazon Web Services. Students gain insights into complex security configurations and cutting-edge security solutions tailored for AWS environments, enhancing their proficiency in securing cloud-based infrastructures.



The cloud security certification course is aimed to give the students the knowledge of implementing security in cloud environment. Though this being an intensive program, we aspire to keep the sessions inclusive to a wide range of applicants.
Information technology professionals in need of gaining skills for computing support, networking, security, open-source (Linux) development, cloud and mobility.
Academic achievers who have just finished university or college and would like to enter the field of IT to augment their credentials with additional certifications.
Students who are enrolled into a Computer Science program at a College or University level would be a good fit for this certification course.

Eligibility and Requirements

Learners need to possess an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma. No need of any professional experience is required as this is a basic course.



Knowledge on Amazon Cloud and Security concepts are required to enroll in this course.

Cloud Security Certification.


Upon completing this certification course you will:

  • Receive an industry-recognized certificate from MCIT.
  • Be prepared for the official cloud security certification exam.



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