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Success in MCIT

Montreal in spring

Success in Montreal College of information technology In less than 3 years, MCIT’s population of graduate students has jumped

by 200%. These Days the path to college graduation is more uncertain than ever: Nearly one-third of

undergraduates leave after their first months, and many require some years to complete their studies,

but at MCIT the trend is different. At Montreal College, we found new ways to effectively support our

students on the path to graduation. As students with “nontraditional” backgrounds become more of the

norm, traditional support structures, such as daytime-only office hours for advising and student affairs,

will likely become inadequate. We have Provided Project-based learning which allows students to

demonstrate relevant experience in job applications and prepares them for technical interviews.

We have some innovative and effective strategies for improving student success across each dimension

of the student experience. The lecture-based model for learning has characterized higher education

since its inception. But, with better technology and a much deeper understanding of how students learn,

educators are starting to personalize learning. They are combining leading elements of teaching with

digital technology, using analytics to tailor the curriculum to individual learners, and focusing on