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Bill 96 and who does it apply to

Bill 96 and Who Does It Apply To

You may be aware of the recent changes due to Act 14 and wondering what are the significant implications for our education system.

Who can receive instruction in English at the AEC level in Québec?

The answer is simple: any student eligible to study in Québec can undertake an English AEC program.

You may wonder how Bill 96 might affect your AEC studies at MCIT?

Starting in the Fall of 2023, students without a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) who start an English AEC program will be required to demonstrate a sufficient level of French knowledge. Learn more

Please note that these graduation requirements apply to students who begin their programs after July 1, 2023.

Now, here's how MCIT can help.

We understand that adjusting to this new legislation may bring up some challenges. To help you navigate these changes more smoothly, you could consider beginning your education before July 1st.

In the spirit of support, we are providing a $2000 reduction in tuition to students who opt to start their studies before July 1, 2023

This gesture reflects our commitment to stand by you during this transformative phase, helping to alleviate the effects of these new rules and conditions.