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A superior bank transfer experience with ICICI Bank

A superior bank transfer experience with ICICI Bank

International education payments made easy with a completely digital payment experience for international students who have an ICICI Bank account.

About ICIC bank transfers

Flywire has partnered with ICICI Bank to provide ICICI account holders with a domestic bank transfer option to make their education payments easier. This secure option allows the payer to complete their payment entirely online, streamlining payment verification and LRS requirements to help accelerate the bank transfer process. Payers can now send up to $32,000 CAD (Equivalent to $25,000 USD) per payment ($60,000 CAD monthly limit) through Flywire, without transfer fees being charged by ICICI Bank.

How to make an ICICI bank transfer

Making an ICICI Bank transfer through the Flywire platform is easy! 1. Simply select  your country of origin, and the ‘Online Bank Transfer’ option 2. Begin the payment process on the Flywire site by entering all relevant student and payer details 3. Automatically get redirected to ICICI Bank’s Money2World Platform to login to your ICICI account, verify and complete the transaction


Note: Neither PAN nor LRS information will be required from the payer, as ICICI captures this information from account holders during the initial verification process.