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Montreal College of Information Technology
Collège des technologies de l’information de Montréal

Earn a degree in one of the four domains
that will shape the future

Attain expertise in one of the four emerging domains donning the future of technology. We offer programs in four different faculties like Data Science & BI, Networking & Cloud, programming & Quality Assurance and Business & IT Management, giving both theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to be job-ready.

Take your career to new heights at Montreal College of Information Technology. Discover opportunities for advancement and growth in a supportive learning environment.

  • Looking for a dream job?
  • Seeking to learn from the best?
  • Craving Hands on Experience?
  • Thinking of specializing?
  • Transitioning to IT?

The 4 Pillars of Success!

Flexible Schedule

Learn on your schedule with 24/7/365 access to all course material.

  • Hybrid learning
  • Innovative teaching
  • Schedules that fit yours

Experienced instructors

Seasoned pros provide expert guidance supported by 150+ companies.

  • Expert instructors
  • Personalized feedback
  • Mentoring

Relevant Curriculum

Relevant skills, and an impressive placement rate thanks to.

  • Practical job-skills
  • Project-based learning
  • Curriculum partners

Placement commitment

Backed by a network of over 5000 successfull graduates,100+ instructors and administrative services.

  • Career services
  • Networking events
  • Career path building


Explore career opportunities with four IT domains that will shape the future.

Data Science and Business Intelligence

Gain skills and knowledge to analyze data effectively, derive actionable insights.
Focus: Business Intelligence, Data Science and Big data.

Networking and Cloud Computing

Design, implement, & manage secure scalable cloud and On site infrastructures.
Focus : Cloud Computing, Security & Networking.

Programming and Quality Assurance

Write, debug, and optimize code across various programming languages.
Focus : Full stack developement -Java, Web App and Software Testing.

Business and IT Management

Manage business process, implement efficient IT systems, ensuring product/service .
Focus:  Business Analyst and Supply Chain Management


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Our accredited programs offer a fast track to expertise in the most sought after technologies. In just a few months you will gain the skills to tackle problems in real world situations.

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Who can apply?

MCIT: Where Everyone Thrives!

Recent Graduates

Attention ambitious IT professionals! Looking to supercharge your career? Build upon your existing IT knowledge with the latest IT tools.

Discover what you can learn

Hands on IT educations is the bridge between your degree and your career

  • Master industry demanded skills
  • Connect with our company partners
  • Get new graduate financial support
  • Benefit from our career services

Recent Immigrants

We understand the challenges of starting a new life and a new career. Our curriculum is designed for the success of newcomers like you.

Discover what you can learn

Hands on IT educations is the bridge between your degree and your career

  • Master sought-after skills
  • Connect with leading companies in Montreal
  • Learn through practical experience and projects
  • Access exclusive financial support for newcomers
  • Benefit from comprehensive career services

Career Changers

Don't get left behind in the digital workplace. Enhance your skill set to meet the demands of the employers.

Discover what you can learn

Hands on IT educations is the bridge between your degree and your career

  • Develop invaluable practical skills through our comprehensive curriculum
  • Benefit from instructors who will help you
  • Gain hands-on experience to be confident
  • Open doors to exciting new career opportunities with your expanded skill set

IT Professionals

Attention ambitious IT professionals! Looking to supercharge your career? Build upon your existing IT knowledge with the latest IT tools.

Discover what you can learn

Hands on IT educations is the bridge between your degree and your career

  • Add new skills to your IT foundation
  • Gain a competitive edge in the IT industry
  • Embrace lifelong learning
  • Access a valuable network of knowledgeable IT professionals

Capabilities based customised learning experience

MCIT provides a tailored learning experience designed to address workforce challenges and cultivate the next generation of skilled talent.

MCIT offers both online and on-site skill assessments to ensure you begin your training on the right track!

Our skill assessment evaluates your existing strengths and goals, comparing them to industry peers, company requirements, and the latest trends. This objective measure helps guide your resource allocation effectively.

In today’s dynamic workforce, lifelong learning is crucial as new technologies emerge. MCIT’s curriculum lays a solid groundwork for continuous growth and lifelong education.

As pioneers in delivering sought-after technology programs and certifications, we facilitate your career advancement. Our instructors and industry partners contribute valuable insights, and we consistently tailor our curriculum, projects, and certifications to align with these trends.

Hands-on experience with tech skills significantly influences hiring decisions for companies. In fact, a substantial portion of skill development occurs during day-to-day work.

At MCIT, we embrace a “Learn by Doing” approach in our teaching methodology. By preparing yourself to fully embrace the challenges of your new role, you can maximize your learning and demonstrate instant value to your employer from day one.

Human capital extends beyond mere technical skills. Each individual possesses a distinct, vibrant blend of capabilities, communication prowess, ideals, and vision.

At MCIT, we strive to enhance our services and amplify the impact of your human capital. Our activities provide students with memorable experiences, fostering growth and enrichment.

Instructor spotlight

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Montreal College offers a range of programs in technology and business fields, including Data Science, Business Intelligence, Full Stack Web Development, Full Stack Java, Software Testing, Cloud Computing, Security and Business Analysis. For detailed information, refer to the Montreal College Programs page.

To apply, visit the admissions page and follow the application process outlined. It includes steps for submitting your application and necessary documents.

MCIT provides financial aid options. Explore the Financial Aid page for details on scholarships, grants, and other assistance programs.

Currently, MCIT is on a hybrid schedule. Online courses will be on-demand.

Visit the Contact Us page for various contact options, including phone, email, and an inquiry form. The college's staff is ready to assist you.

The diploma programs are designed and developed at Montreal College to prepare students to be job ready. The Instructors have wealth of experience to provide with invaluable knowledge and hands-on working experience on the most relevant cutting-edge technologies.

Yes, you will be working on a project as part of the program. However, we do not offer an internship within the programs but we will help you to approach for internships in an organization if it’s in the purview of your program.

We offer flexible schedule during daytime, evenings and weekends

Our instructors are seasoned industry professionals with years of hands-on experience. Drawing from their extensive backgrounds, they bring practical knowledge and real-world insights to our courses. Committed to excellence, these experts play a pivotal role in guiding students through the dynamic landscape of Information Technology.

Yes, there're Teaching Assistants (TAs) available for this program to help you during your labs and ease your learning process.

Yes, you are eligible to enroll in this program if you meet our MCIT eligibility criteria. Additionally you can meet with an advisor to determine the eligibility criteria.