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Program Overview

As software are becoming more complex and demanding; it is necessary to establish novel processes and clear methodologies. Business Analysis has become a crucial function to provide a bridge between the business process and software development. Business analyst specialists will require these skills to be able to comply with business needs.

the AEC program in Business Analyst in Information Technology fosters a more systemic understanding to develop high quality solutions for the business needs. This course will be specific to the business analysis functions as prescribed by the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK). Beginners seeking a career in business analysis as well as experienced IT professionals interested in the business technical interface would benefit from this course.

The Business Analyst in Information Technology program takes a deep dive in each of the business analysis process areas and discusses each activity in detail. Various methodologies of doing each activity are presented and the students are equipped with enough analytical understand to apply them in the real world. As a result they develop innovative and critical thinking abilities. The Business Analyst in Information Technology program also build analytic, decision-making, dynamic testing skill and communication skills that are crucially important to software professionals. After completion of this program students will be equipped with sufficient knowledge to acquire the integrate into the demanded work force.

Students master their competencies through team project assignments, exercises, and decision making challenges. As a result, they develop innovative and critical thinking abilities.The program is taught by topic experts who ensure that the learning process is hands-on and comprehensive. The program consists of in-depth classroom lectures and work based project studies

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  1. Software Development Methodologies : Introduction to various Agile software development methodologies being practiced in software industries for e.g. Scrum
  1. BA Planning and Monitoring : Exposure to various planning activities involved to define parameters that must be validated throughout the project life cycle
  1. Enterprise Analysis : Exposure to BA activities that take place for organizations to identify business opportunity, build BA framework, implementation of new business and technical system solutions etc.
  1. Requirement Elicitation : Exposure to practice of collecting the requirements of system from users, customers, stakeholders etc. along with different elicitation techniques like brainstorming, interviews etc.
  1. Requirement Analysis : Imparting knowledge to gather and determine user expectations for a product and its techniques
  1. Solution Development : Fundamentals which cover cross cutting aspects of solution development such as security, caching, exception management and so on
  1. Solution Assessment and Validation : Introducing the techniques to assessing the solution prior to its selection and validating the designed solution such that it meets the requirements.
  1. Requirements management and Communication : Discussion of the key concepts in the field along with knowledge of requirement management principles such as risk, scope etc.
  1. Soft skills and elicitation strategies : Learning of soft skills to increase the effectiveness in solution development, enhancing people skills to become key influencer in an organization, development of dynamic communication strategies, active listening skills
  1. BA tools : Knowledge to utilize various data analysis tools for business



Upon successful completion of the program, the college grants the student with an AEC (Attestation d’études collégiales) : Business Analyst in Information Technology.

Certification Tracks

The students can work towards the following official certifications:

CBAP, PMI, PMI-PBA certifications


Bank Line of credit

Interest only line of credit.
Up to $20,000.
Flexible repayment schedule (7 years).

Scholarships and Grants

Student grants covering up to $2,000 for new immigrants and unemployed

Instalment Plans

Option to pay fees in 4 equal monthly instalments



  • Why get an MCIT Diploma?

      MCIT Diplomas are short-term, immersive programs, based on "work and study" models which transform novices into Business Intelligence specialists. Our training is instructor-led, conducted in-class in Montreal, Quebec, consisting of 9-12 hours of class per week with an end of term project. Over the past years, we have adapted our curriculum to match industry requirements. This has afforded us a 93% job placement rate for students.

  • Who should join this program?

      Highly motivated, tenacious self-starters with the drive to make it big in the industry who are willing to learn and apply emerging technological skills. Our college programs are in very high demand. Students are expected to take initiative, move forward, to not be afraid to ask questions and spend extra hours on solving a problem. The programs are suited for highly diligent individuals who need direction to get into the IT industry.

  • Can you provide a prerequisite training at additional cost?

      Yes, we can provide prerequisite training before the program starts, please register in advance to reserve your place.

  • What is your learning methodology?

      • Pragmatic approach to delivery (80% practical sessions) • Project and internship based concept applications • E-learning augmented with instructor-led, classroom training • Virtual labs with remote access • Collaborative & experiential learning • Optimum student-to-faculty ratio (maximum 15 students per class)

  • Who are the instructors?

      Our instructors have years of teaching experience with a successful track record. The fact that they are currently working in the industry ensures a timely adoption of practical techniques presently at use.

  • Do we have a help students with placements?

      We work with the best in the industry to ensure that you have the maximum value addition to your profile. We provide placement assistance through our network of HR managers all across Canada.


  • Session one
    13 February 2017
    27 01 17
  • Session two
    19 June 2017
    12 05 17
  • Session three
    16 October 2017
    25 08 17

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