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As a business intelligence specialist, you help organizations collect and process intelligence and information to keep them competitive. You collect the most current data and use your expertise in IT to improve your employer’s data functions. In this program, you use the Microsoft SQL Server and B.I. toolset to develop, administer and analyze data. You also learn industry-standard data management best practices and techniques.

MCIT’s Business Intelligence Program was built and is continuously updated, with BI professionals and organizations in Montreal. To stay relevant, and to offer the best career prospects to our students, industry experts follow your learning path in small, personalized classes, using the latest technologies. The power of BI is now used across all industries, making it a smart choice for your career.

  • Average Salary PayScale in Canada is $79,743 per year
  • Salary range$56,000 to $112,000

Professional benefits

With business intelligence solutions, organizations can implement corrections and take the necessary measures to improve efficiency in various operational areas. An organization may also identify new business opportunities and expand accordingly. Business analysts play a key role in these initiatives. After completing the course, students can apply for these roles:
Business intelligence administrator, Business intelligence consultant, Business intelligence analyst/developer, Business intelligence project manager


Who should apply

This program is intended for individuals possessing creative abilities who want to make a career change or are looking to grow their business. Here is a list of professionals for whom learning business intelligence has turned out to be a great asset:
Marketing professionals
Business owners
IT professionals

Dwany H

Big Data Developer

Sihame B

BI Developer

Daniel S

Networking Specialist

Rosana N

Java Developer


This is an entry-level course/program, but it assumes that students have the following:
General IT knowledge
General IT business knowledge
Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and internet browsers

Upon successful completion of the program, the college grants the student with an AEC - Attestation d’études collégiales

Business Intelligence and Reporting Analyst)
-900 hrs-

Certification Tracks

The students can work towards the following official certification IIBA


AEC Program – Business Intelligence and Reporting Analyst
-(900 hrs)-

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This module will cover the basics of business intelligence. Basic skills on how to build and manage a data warehouse platform for business intelligence applications are covered, but emphasis is given to people and processes, with an introduction to the technologies involved.

SQL is the foundation of most data tools used today. With SQL, you don’t have to rely on others sending you data and executing queries for you. This allows you to be independent and dig deeper into the data to obtain answers that might improve the way your company does business. This course provides all the knowledge and structure needed to be proficient in SQL.

In this module, you extract data from a wide variety of sources, such as files and relational data sources, apply data integration and transformation solutions, and load data into single or multiple destinations. You solve complex business problems using best practices and troubleshooting techniques.

When you have large volumes of data, you need intuitive, interactive and high-performance access to your data. In this module, you learn how to import tables of data from different sources and relate them to form the foundation of your model. You then learn how to enhance your model with usability features, such as hierarchies. Additional topics include how to manage a tabular database along with table storage, processing, permissions and deployment.

In this module, you learn to build reports with SQL Server Reporting Services, which includes new visualization features and mobile capabilities. You learn to create reporting solutions, mobile reports and dashboards. You also learn how to build tables, matrices, advanced visualizations, as well as dashboards with key performance indicators.



— F.A.Q —

The field of Business Intelligence (BI) offers many opportunities across several industry sectors. This growing field combines technical acumen with sound business practices to develop cutting-edge strategies to drive organizational growth. MCIT will give you hands-on training to master business intelligence skills.
Yes. We conduct prerequisite classes that will help you to start the program on a high note.
Yes, of course you can visit our campus and enquire about our program. You can register for the next upcoming information session through our website. You can also book an appointment to meet our program advisor.
Yes, you will, in fact, be required to work on hands-on projects based on real-life scenarios where you can directly apply the theoretical knowledge you have gained throughout the program.

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