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A.E.C. Networking and Technical Support LEA.CL

Networking and Technical Support (Dip)
International students need to apply four months before the start date

Ever wondered how our homes and offices stay connected 24/7? Or how our networks are shielded against malicious activities? All of the credit goes to network administrators, whose duty is to set up, manage and protect networks.

With the meteoric rise in the number of computers in use and their reliance on the internet, a huge demand has sprung up for professionals who are fully adept at installing, configuring, maintaining, troubleshooting, and optimizing network hardware and software.

Industries across the spectrum depend on the networking and technical support professionals who keep employees connected and business flowing. Communicating instantly and with anyone via voice, text or video, and having immediate access to all kinds of information and services, involves a host of engineering challenges.

Our Networking and Technical Support diploma aims to transfer industry-relevant and job-oriented skills to students: they learn Windows Server Administration, Cisco Services, Linux, Data Center Virtualization, and Network Security concepts.

Upon completion of this diploma program, students can obtain various specialty certifications to increase their employment opportunities.

8 Months Classes + 4 Months Project/Internship

  • Median annual salary $54,587 Average hourly rate $21.69
  • 22% job increase in the United States by 2020

Professional benefits

Opportunities currently abound in the networking field. After completing this course, students can apply for the following jobs in the digital economy:
Network administrator,Network support technician , LAN (Local-area network) administrator, LAN (Local-area network) technician, Computer network technician, Website technician, Datacenter operator, System administrator
Security specialist. Help-desk support to further develop their career, students can obtain certifications, from beginner to advanced level, in Cisco and network security and administration.


Who should apply

Applicants with the interest in a cutting-edge career that gives you the opportunity to learn the principles behind computer networking, applying it with the latest network technology, and by practicing it on the most popular devices in the industry. Computer networking is at the heart of every business, home, and life. As technologies advance, so does the field of networking, as evidenced by the demand in network virtualization, network security, 5G, and ultra-broadband solutions.

Andi M
Andi M

Network Admin & IT Support

Parisa G
Parisa G

IT Support

Mehrdad M
Mehrdad M

Network Admin & IT Support

Steve T
Steve T

Network Admin


This is an entry level program. A High school diploma would be mandotory. Any other related and relevant experience, such as a background in networking, would be a great asset but is not compulsory.


A.E.C. – Networking and Technical Support (LEA.CL)
-(900 hrs)-

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As networking technologies are at the core of all IT activities, a sound knowledge of the hardware and protocols used to create networks is essential for their efficient management.

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of networking and networking models, including how components of a network are connected to each other, which layout should be followed, and which devices can be used to enable a robust connection.

Students are given extensive knowledge of Windows Server and learn to design, implement, maintain and troubleshoot core network services and roles using the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Domain Services environment.

Students are provided hands-on experience with the hardware of the world’s largest networking company – a definite highlight on their resume.

Students also learn to install, operate and troubleshoot a network based on Cisco components. Finally, they are introduced to LAN Switching Technologies, IP Addressing, and IP Routing Technologies.

Windows still holds the distinction of being the most widely used operating system in the consumer market. But this hasn’t diminished the popularity of Linux, the operating system of choice for a majority of websites online, primarily because it is free to use and extremely secure.

As we delve more into the discipline of system administration we will learn about the Linux OS, the basics of the kernel, and working with disks and file systems. Students will also gain experience in process management, security and authentication.

Knowing how to manage a data center is a skill that will put you in high demand, as data centers enable any organization to store data within its local network.

Students gain in-depth knowledge of the cloud architecture design and infrastructure and learn about installation, configuration and management of VMware vSphere. Additional topics covered are VMware ESXi and VMware vCenter Server.

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of computing power, database storage, applications, and other IT resources through a cloud services platform via the internet. As the whole IT industry prepares to make a shift from physical storage to cloud storage, a comprehensive understanding of cloud technologies and their architecture helps in preparing students to be ready and adapt easily to the changes the future holds.

Students are exposed to the concepts of cloud computing and its infrastructure. They also learn to set up a cloud environment and get hands-on experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which have been adopted by thousands of businesses globally.

This course serves as an introduction to network security and overall security processes as the threats to networks increase. Students analyze a simulated organization’s security needs based on known security threats and select appropriate security hardware, software, policies and configurations based on that analysis.

At the end of the program, students complete a real-time, industrially-simulated project in networking and technical support.



MCIT offers scholarships for
deserving students, recent graduates, women, the unemployed and recent immigrants. The College offers up to $2000 off the tuition fees. Limited places for each session.
* This is only available for Local students

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AFE Student loan program

Students are eligible to apply for full tuition fees through the AFE Student loan program.
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Networking and Technical Support (Dip)

Canadian Work space

Networking and Technical Support (Dip)

The art of Networking – How to build a professional network

Networking and Technical Support (Dip)

Cover Letters writing CV & Resume writing Internship preparation

Networking and Technical Support (Dip)

Job Search Checklist (Exploration, Preparation, Implementation)

Networking and Technical Support (Dip)

LinkedIn Profile

Networking and Technical Support (Dip)

Interview Preparation


At 47, I was working in a no-consequence job at a retail center. At 48, I got into Bestseller with a diploma from MCIT with no prior experience in networking tools.

Vasilieos Nikiratas — Networking Student
  • Networking and Technical Support (Dip)
  • Networking and Technical Support (Dip)
  • Networking and Technical Support (Dip)
  • Networking and Technical Support (Dip)
  • Networking and Technical Support (Dip)


— F.A.Q —

Yes. We conduct prerequisite classes that will help you to start the program on a high note.
Yes, of course you can visit our campus and enquire about our program. You can register for the next upcoming information session through our website. You can also book an appointment to meet our program advisor.
Yes, we will. Please consult our Career center section for additional information.
Each student is provided with a PC in the classroom. However, students can bring their own laptops.
Not at this time, but please consult our Financial Aid section for information on grants and loans.