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  • Become a Software Quality assurance analyst
  • Master in-demand automation testing skills 
  • Earn a valued credential. Be in demand 
  • ESTIMATED SALARY  $ 42 k to $ 79 k  Based on payscale data
Software Testing and Quality Assurance

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The Software Testing and Quality Assurance program has been engineered for professionals who are seeking to set foot in the world of software testing and quality compliance.

Software testing technicians conduct trials of newly-developed software for employers, ranging from software publishers and video game developers to financial institutions and medical research companies. The primary objective of a Software Testing and Quality Assurance professional is to detect bugs and performance issues before a product reaches the consumer. The common approach for software testers is to develop and run software test plans, interact with design teams and to submit detailed reports of their findings.

As the computer industry shows no signs of slowing down its output of new software, the job outlook for Software Testing and Quality Assurance is extremely bright. As programs become increasingly advanced and the world becomes more dependent on technology, the demand for Software Testing and Quality Assurance jobs will continue to increase. This program guides you through all the latest techniques to function in this area of expertise and places you on a fast career trajectory in quality assurance.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance software testing and quality assurance Software Testing and Quality Assurance Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Top Benefits

  • Personalized support and Mentorship  

  • Personalized feedback on projects 

  • 24/7 access to course material and classroom labs

  • course taught by industry expert

  • Career guidance  interview , resume etc

  • Recognized credential – Attestation of college studies 


Jyothi Gogna

Software Tester

I did A.E.C Diploma in Software Testing and Quality Assurance from Montreal College of Information and Technology. I was an International Student,I learned a lot from this program at Montreal College and I got a job as an Quality Assurance Analyst in Automation so, I would say that all the Technical Skills and techniques which I learned from this course helped me a lot in achieving my career goals.


Introduction to ISTQB practices for Manual Testing:

Define the overall testing goals and strategy for the systems being tested ,Plan, schedule and track the tasks ,Describe and organize the necessary activities ,Select, acquire and assign the adequate resources to the tasks ,Select, organize and lead testing teams , Organize the communication between the members of the testing teams, and between the testing teams and all the other stakeholders ,Justify the decisions and provide adequate reporting information where applicable

Test Management with HPE Application Lifecycle Management (HPALM):

Understand how HPALM supports key stakeholders in delivering applications as they progress through life cycles. Being a   targeted tool at managing the core lifecycle of applications, from design through readiness for delivery to operations.[3] you will learn about core lifecycle activities, connected together from a pipeline with a management console, project tracking and planning and a supported by an SDK

Automation Testing tools with HPE Unified Functional Testing (UFT):

Understand and Make automated testing more efficient and help developers and testers collaborate through UFT—formerly QuickTest Professional (QTP)—helps deliver quality at a speed you need. Learn how HPE UFT software automates testing through an intuitive, visual user experience that combines manual, automated, and framework-based testing together in one IDE. This significantly reducing the cost and complexity of the functional testing process while delivering quality.

Selenium Automation Testing:

Compatible with the most number of browsers, a tester can execute tests on multiple browser platforms. Understanding Selenium and its set of different software tools and learning to approach different test automation problems. Familirise with The entire suite of tools in order to test functions specifically geared to the needs of testing web applications. Run up of UI elements and comparing expected test results against actual application behavior.

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The college grants the students, upon their successful completion of the program, an AEC (Attestation d’études collégiales) in ‘ Business Analyst in Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Certification Tracks

The students can work towards the following official certifications after the program

  • Certified Application Security Tester (CAST)
  • Certified Software Tester (CSTE)


Bank Line of credit

  • Interest only line of credit.
  • Up to $20,000.
  • Flexible repayment schedule (7 years).
  • Can supplement government student loans.


  • Student bursaries covering up to $2,000 for new immigrants and unemployed

Instalment Plans

Option to pay fees in 4 equal monthly instalments





  • Session one
    18 October 2019
    02 08 19
  • Session two
    13 February 2019
    21 12 18
  • Session three
    19 June 2019
    26 05 19


  • Why get an MCIT Diploma?

      MCIT Diplomas are short-term, immersive programs, based on "work and study" models which transform novices into Software Testing & Quality Assurance specialists. Our training is instructor-led, conducted in-class in Montreal, Quebec, consisting of 9-12 hours of class per week with an end of term project. Over the past years, we have adapted our curriculum to match industry requirements. This has afforded us a 93% job placement rate for students.

  • Who should join this program?

      Highly motivated, tenacious self-starters with the drive to make it big in the industry who are willing to learn and apply emerging technological skills. Our college programs are in very high demand. Students are expected to take initiative, move forward, to not be afraid to ask questions and spend extra hours on solving a problem. The programs are suited for highly diligent individuals who need direction to get into the IT industry.

  • Do I need to have any specific background to attend this program?

      A working knowledge of software and systems is recommended. However, applicants with no experience who exhibit the determination to excel in Quality Analysis are also considered.

  • What certifications exams are covered under this program?

      This program covers topics needed to write the following exams – • Certified Software Tester (CSTE) • Certified Application Security Tester (CAST)

  • What kind of jobs titles can I get after completing this program?

      Our graduates can obtain the following roles: • Test/Quality Assurance Engineer • Quality Assurance Analyst • Test Automation Engineer • Software Quality Analyst • Software Quality Assurance Manager

  • What are the other advantages of joining your college?

      • Fast-paced, progressive programs • Our IT Academic Partnerships with Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, CEH, Citrix, EMC2, etc. ensures industry-relevant curriculum • Official Test Center for IT certifications through industry alliances with PROMETRIC, PEARSON VUE & KRYTERION • Certification exam vouchers of up to 70% discount to students • The only college providing dedicated servers for each virtual desktop to every student for at-home tasks • Short duration, fast-paced programs enable early entry in the job market • Flexible evening schedule also viable for working population • State of the art equipment and customized labs

  • What is your learning methodology?

      • Pragmatic approach to delivery (80% practical sessions) • Project and internship based concept applications • E-learning augmented with instructor-led, classroom training • Virtual labs with remote access • Collaborative & experiential learning • Optimum student-to-faculty ratio (maximum 15 students per class)

  • Who are the instructors?

      Our instructors have years of teaching experience with a successful track record. The fact that they are currently working in the industry ensures a timely adoption of practical techniques presently at use.

  • Does completing your programs guarantee placement?

      We work with the best in the industry to ensure that you have the maximum value addition to your profile. We provide placement assistance through our network of HR managers all across Canada.

  • Will I get to work on projects?

      Yes, you are required to work on real-life, scenario based, hands-on projects where you can directly apply the theoretical knowledge you have gained throughout the program.

  • What are the job and salary prospects after I complete this program?

      With the development of brand new software and applications everyday, companies yearn for Quality Analysts who can ensure their Data Quality is not affected. The salary ranges anywhere from $50k to $75k based on the level of expertise.

  • Do you offer pre-requisite courses for this program at a supplementary price ?

      Yes, we can offer prerequiste courses before the course starts. You must register in advance to secure your place.