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  • Become a business analyst in information technology
  • learn to make data-driven decisions. Learn Excel and SQL
  • data visualization skills with Tableau
  • ESTIMATED SALARY  $ 46 k to $ 93 k  Based on payscale data
Business Analyst in Information Technology

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Program Overview

As software are becoming more complex and demanding; it is necessary to establish novel processes and clear methodologies. Business Analysis has become a crucial function to provide a bridge between the business process and software development. MCIT’s Business Analyst in Information Technology program helps you to set up for the industry development life cycles. Business analyst specialists will require these skills to be able to comply with business needs.

The AEC program in Business Analyst in Information Technology fosters a more systemic understanding to develop high quality solutions for the business needs. This course will be specific to the business analysis functions as prescribed by the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK). Beginners seeking a career as a Business Analyst as well as experienced IT professionals interested in the business technical interface would benefit from this course.

The Business Analyst in Information Technology program takes a deep dive in each of the business analysis process areas and discusses each activity in detail. Various methodologies of doing each activity are presented and the students are equipped with enough analytical understand to apply them in the real world. As a result they develop innovative and critical thinking abilities. The Business Analyst in Information Technology program also build analytic, decision-making, dynamic testing skill and communication skills that are crucially important to software professionals. After completion of this program students will be equipped with sufficient knowledge to acquire the integrate into the demanded work force.

Students master their competencies through team project assignments, exercises, and decision making challenges. As a result, they develop innovative and critical thinking abilities.The program is taught by topic experts who ensure that the learning process is hands-on and comprehensive. The program consists of in-depth classroom lectures and work based project studies.