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Deadline Dates

At Montreal College of Information Technology, we know that deadlines can be an important factor as you plan for your post secondary studies. With a variety of dates consider, we’re here to guide you through the process and help you access the resources that you need. Recommended deadlines are stated below. Please note that these are subject to change at short notice.

 DefinitionsOutside CanadaInside CanadaLocal Students
Winter 2021
Starting date20th February 2021
21th March 20218 February 2021
 Late Start date6th March 20214th April 20218 February 2021
 Class ending date19th February 202220th march 20227 February 2021
 Admission Deadlines23rd November 202022nd Feb 202125 January 2021
Summer 2021Starting date19th June 202121th July 202114 June 2021
 Late Start date2rd July 20214th August 202114 June 2021
 Class ending date19th June 202220th July 202213 June 2022
 Admission Deadlines
8 March 20217 June 202131 May 2021
Fall 2021Starting date23th October 202121th November 202112 October 2021
 Late Start date6th November 20215th December 202112 October 2021
 Class ending date22th October 202220th November 202211 June 2022
 Admission Deadlines13th July 202126 October 202127 September 2021

— F.A.Q —

An overall IELTS score of 6 bands. We also accept PTE and TOEFL scores with a comparable score.
You can either apply on this website or email us at [email protected] a copy of your passport, academic transcripts and language score card, along with your filled-out application form.
You can pay the tuitions by choosing the below options:1) For Scotia bank, RBC, HSBC, BMO, CIBC & Desjardins customers - You have an option to pay the fees by Bill payment- under the name- “MONTREAL COLLEGE OF INFO TECH”( the Account number would be your Student ID)2) Easily register a payment online(Interac- at [email protected]) 3) If you are trying to make a payment from OUTSIDE CANADA, you can refer to the following link to make a payment- 4) Debit Authorization Form - Upon request (for Credit card payments only) 5) By direct Bank payment (Go to the bank for deposit of the funds) 6) You can also mail us a payment cheque. IF you are outside Canada you can make the payment via FLYWIRE which is a easy online portal available on our website.
Yes, you can cancel your admission if necessary and we will refund the course price according to our cancellation policy. However, Application and Registration fees are not refundable. If you cancel your program 2 weeks after the program begins, 1/10th of your tuition payment shall be deducted and remaining amount will be refunded. To get more information, please contact our Finance department.
India Student recruitment center is located at the following address. Opp: Biodiversity complex Gachibouli Road, Golconda post, Hyderabad - 500081 [email protected] Ph: +8978009002
Yes, please consult our Financial Aid section here.
Canada is home to nearly half a million international students and the statistics are growing year-on-year. With the right selection of program and personal credentials, you should be okay.
Once all required documents are submitted and your file is complete, it takes 5 business days to assess your application. If you have missing documents, the admission process will be delayed.
You’ll need to consider housing costs and personal expenses such as health insurance, food, clothing, travel and transportation, mobile phone, entertainment, etc. These costs will vary by individual.
Please check our deadlines and a $75.00 late payment fee will be charged after the deadline. Please check our refund policies.
The college accepts cash, card (debit/credit), Cheque, Interac or bank transfer.