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Oracle Database Administration

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The continuous need of the Industry to have efficient and effective Database solutions encouraged Montreal College to collaborate with the largest provider of Database Management technologies. With its official curriculum developed by and for Oracle University, our oracle database administration students get the best technical training to not only qualify for the certification exam but also gain practical knowhow to operate these complex systems with ease.

This course will help you gain expertise in administering and managing an Oracle database. You will follow a skill building trajectory that starts with the introduction to relational database query language i.e. SQL, followed by introduction to the fundamentals of Oracle database administration, backup and recovery management and finally conclude with advanced skills like memory management, performance evaluation and tuning tasks.

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You call them instructors, we call them your Mentors!

They are the catalysts under whose supervision and arm’s length support our students are empowered to accomplish expertise in advanced technology. We boast of enterprising and talented resources with proven track records who are working in tandem with our goal to provide inspiring and enduring technical learning experience to our students.


Broad level run-down of courses

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Create and manage users
  • Install and configure an Oracle Database
  • Create and manage storage structures
  • Administer the Oracle Database
  • Understand the Oracle database architecture and how its components work and interact with one another
  • Perform backup and recovery
  • Diagnose and repair data failures with Flashback technology
  • Manage space to optimize database storage
  • Monitor and manage major database components, including memory, performance and resources
  • Backup and recovery strategies
  • Automate DBA tasks with the Scheduler


Certificate of participation in ‘Oracle Database Administration’ course.

Follow through Certification

The professionals taking this path can pursue the following certification:

  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional

Who should do this course?

This course is intended for Database Administrators, Technical Administrators, Support Engineers and Technical Consultants.



  • Session one
    08 July 2017
    16 06 17
  • Session two
    12 October 2017
    29 09 17
  • Session three
    08 February 2018
    31 01 18