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SolidWorks Advanced

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Program Overview

SolidWorks Advanced course teaches you how to use the SolidWorks mechanical design automation software to build parametric models of parts and assemblies, and how to make drawings of those parts and assemblies.

This Advanced course is for SolidWork users who need to create complex parts or just want to become more productive. Students will learn how to use Boolean operations in SolidWorks Advanced training to save time, build master models for parametrically driving whole projects from a one location, reverse-engineer complex models using just few pictures, and master along the way the most advanced solid features including sweeps, lofts, boundaries, and everything there is to know about fillets.

This course is our most up-to-date course available. The focus of this SolidWorks Advanced course will be toward the advanced functionality within the core SolidWorks product including all the features you wish you had known about before, comprising content from the most recent releases of SolidWorks. Students will develop an efficient skills with the most advanced features and functionality.


Entry-level Jobs

Architectural Drafter

Civil Engineering Drafter

Mechanical Drafter

Interior Design Drafter

CAD Technologist

Municipal Assistant Plan Checker

3D Modeling/Rendering Technician

Electrical Drafter

Career Paths

CAD Coordinator

CAD Manager

Architecture Project Coordinator

Mechanical Project Coordinator

Interior Design Project Coordinator

Rendering 3D Modeling Manager

Computer Aided Design Technician

SolidWorks Advanced solidworks advanced SolidWorks Advanced SolidWorks Advanced


You call them instructors, we call them your Mentors!

They are the catalysts under whose supervision and arm’s length support our students are empowered to accomplish expertise in advanced technology. We boast of enterprising and talented resources with proven track records who are working in tandem with our goal to provide inspiring and enduring technical learning experience to our students.


Level 1: Advanced Part Modeling

Multibody Solids: How They Work
Uses of Multibody Solids
Sketching with Splines
Introduction to Sweeping
Working with Curves
Advanced Sweeping
Boundary Feature and Lofting
Other Advanced Tools
Level 2: Surface Modeling

Understanding Surfaces
Introduction to Surfacing
Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling
Repairing and Editing Imported Geometry
Advanced Surface Modeling
Blends and Patches
Master Model Techniques
Level 3: Mold Design

Core and Cavity
Multiple Parting Directions
Importing and Repairing Geometry
Parting Lines and Shut-Off Surfaces
Repairs and Surfaces
Using Surfaces
Reusable Data
Alternate Methods for Mold Design
Making a Complete Mold
Level 4: Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Flange Method
Sheet Metal Convert Method
Multibody Sheet Metal Parts
Sheet Metal Forming Tools
Additional Sheet Metal Features and Techniques
Sheet Metal Tables
Level 5: Weldments

Weldment Drawings


Certificate of participation.

Who should do this course?

Mechanical Engineers, Engineering Students, R & D Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer,
Mechanical Designer, Mechanical Draftsman, Draftsman, Mechanical Engineering Technician
Industrial Engineer, Industrial Designer, Process Engineer, Facility Engineer
Product Development Engineer, Product Designer



  • Session one
    14 October 2016
    30 09 16
  • Session two
    11 February 2017
    20 01 17
  • Session three
    08 July 2017
    26 05 17