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IT Certification Academy

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Montreal College of Information Technology’s IT Certification Academy is partnered with the leaders in the technology world. Our partners recognize us for our programs loaded with pedagogy competent to qualify for their technical certification exams.

Since its inception Montreal college of Information Technology has been striving to help students meet the challenge of ever changing eco systems. Over the years we have disseminated over tens of thousand-man hours of IT training and thousands of certified professionals. Most of whom are well placed in the Industry.

The IT Certification Academy’s Instructors come with a seasoned industry experience and academic knowledge. Their friendly, approachable and flexible demeanor makes the learning experience a very exciting one.

IT Certification Academy provides up-to-date, quality and relevant technology education for programs in Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, EMC2, Citrix, EC Council and many more. These non-degree certificates are awarded to candidates who are seeking professional expertise in specific domain areas. This has made us the most noted IT training hub over the years. We are open for registration on all working days. Candidates can also register with the IT Certification Academy through the our website.

What are certification programs?

To succeed in today's competitive job market, whether looking for new opportunities or advancing in your current position, you need to build and demonstrate your technology expertise and skills. When evaluating new candidates or considering the competencies of existing staff, employers recognize the value of a 'certification'. A certification provides the recognition you need to excel in your career and a validation of your skills to employers.Montreal College offers certification courses from Oracle, Microsoft, Sun, and SAP as a part of continuing education.

Who should enroll a certification program?

Working professionals in IT who can get certified and improve their career prospects.

Engineering & IT students who use these courses to fill the gap in their college education and to add international certifications to their resume.

College students who wish to build advanced IT skills and get certifications recognized by IT companies.