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Fundamentals of Programming
State of the Industry

The course serves as an introduction to the Programming logic and basic concepts in the programming language. The course provides students with the skills for analyzing a problem and approach to solution logically. Participants learn algorithms and basic syntax of the C programming language and also the comparison of programming constructs between C and Java. Students gain practical experience in executing code written in C and Java at the end of course.

* Morning, evening, weekends

Who Should Apply

Students with an undergraduate degree in any field
Professionals who want to change careers

Fundamentals of Programming     
Dwany H

Big Data Developer

Fundamentals of Programming     
Rosana N

Java Developer

Fundamentals of Programming     
Sihame B

BI Developer

Fundamentals of Programming     
Chloe D


Eligibility and Requirements

This is an entry-level course/program, but it assumes that learners have the following:

General IT knowledge
Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Internet browsers
High school diploma

Abilities acquired
at course completion

Understanding algorithms and pseudocode

Ability to think logically

Understanding the program structure in C and Java

Ability to work with different data types in C and Java

Using arithmetic and relational operators

Control flow of the program using If and Switch statements

Iterating program using For, while loops

Method calling in Java and C

Using Switch, Break and Continue in loops

Using String methods in program

Initializing and accessing array elements


Fundamentals of Programming

Intro to programming
Concept of pseudo-code
Problems and approach to solutions
Demonstrate logic through example

Compilation and Interpretation process
Environment setup
Basic syntax of program in C and Java

Primitive data types
Storing and accessing data in a variable
Explore different Data types
Methods and Loops

Examine Keywords
Various operators
Decision making statements

Loop variants
Built-in and user defined functions
Decision making statements

Escape sequences
Working with Arrays
String manipulations



This course serves as a pathway to Java courses. Students can thus complete a Java/Web design course and then work towards Oracle-certified developer/Microsoft front-end certifications.


  • Industry-relevant, job-ready programs
  • Internship possibilities
  • Eligibility for off-campus work permit program [ocwpp]
  • Eligibility for post-graduation work permit [pgwp]
  • Eligibility for points under Quebec’s immigration policy
  • Scholarships and financial aid



After only one year at MCIT, I learned everything I ever wanted and am already in the market.

Alexander Haig — Java Student
  • Fundamentals of Programming     
  • Fundamentals of Programming     
  • Fundamentals of Programming     
  • Fundamentals of Programming     
  • Fundamentals of Programming     

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