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Fundamentals of API (RESTful Services) with Flask

This course is designed to help you develop RESTful APIs using Python’s Flask framework which is both open-source and is lightweight for development. You shall be creating a project with Flask learning about what an API is and all the REST methods involved in creating one. Also, you shall be learning when to use a RESTful API along with different formats of data available.  

To catch-up with the industry trends, you shall be learning the fundamentals of Microservices architecture for that’s how modern applications are being built commonly. Even more, you shall be exposed to the fundamentals of unit testing for writing unit-testable code as it is crucial responsibility of any developer. Lastly, you shall also be deploying your application to any cloud platform to make your demo service live and available for end-user. 

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  • Fundamentals of API (RESTful Services) with Flask

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  • Fundamentals of API (RESTful Services) with Flask

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  • Fundamentals of API (RESTful Services) with Flask

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  • Fundamentals of API (RESTful Services) with Flask

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  • Fundamentals of API (RESTful Services) with Flask

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Fundamentals of API (RESTful Services) with Flask



Career starters : For those people who are either entering the job market or are interested in making a shift in their current job status. Learning Restful API allows a product to be scaled by a team of developers efficiently.
Professionals aiming to undertake a Specialist Expert certification exam in Restful API or demonstrate their skills in data handling in a professional sphere.
Those seeking to validate a professional ability to work with developer applications and tools. Familiarise with Names & Verbs, Camel case, URI case, HTTP methods & tools.
Recent graduates that are entering the workforce and would like to get an understanding of the developer domain with cutting edge tools.


This program is meant for people with aptitude and some exposure to coding & basic knowledge of Java programming and querying

Upon completing this course, you will receive an industry-recognized certificate from MCIT. 

 Fundamentals of API (RESTful Services) with Flask certification.



— F.A.Q —

Yes. We conduct prerequisite classes that will help you to start the program on a high note.