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Oracle DB 12c Backup and Recovery
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Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Workshop course will teach you how to evaluate your own recovery requirements. You’ll develop appropriate strategies for backup, restore and recovery procedures from provided scenarios. This course will teach you about the Recovery Manager (RMAN) command line and graphical interfaces for various backup, failure, restore and recovery scenarios.

In this Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Workshop you will learn to:

Develop appropriate backup and recovery procedures to address your business needs.
Implement backup and recovery settings and perform backup operations to disk and tape.
Employ Oracle Database recovery procedures to recover from media and other failures.
Diagnose and repair data failures.
Use Flashback Technologies and data duplication to complement backup and recovery procedures.
Secure the availability of your database by appropriate backup and recovery strategies.

Instructor led


AEC Program – Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Workshop

Introduction to SQL
Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure
Creating and managing users
Installing and configuring an Oracle Database
Creating and managing storage structures
Administering the Oracle database
Understanding the Oracle database architecture and how its components work and interact with one another
Performing backup and recovery
Diagnosing and repairing data failures with Flashback technology
Managing space to optimize database storage
Monitoring and managing major database components, including memory, performance and resources
Backup and recovery strategies
Automating DBA tasks with the Scheduler


Under Development

Certificate of participation in ‘Oracle Database Administration’ course.

Follow through Certification

The professionals taking this path can pursue the following certification:

Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional



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