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CompTIA A+ Certification Training

Our CompTIA A+ certification training prepares you for the official CompTIA A+ exam and covers all the practical aspects you will encounter during the exam. Our training covers all the fundamentals and advanced topics that you might expect from the exam. Learn how to troubleshoot hardware, software, networks, security and more.

  • 7th August 2023
  • 36 hours
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Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6pm - 9pm


  • CompTIA A+ Certification Training

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  • CompTIA A+ Certification Training

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  • CompTIA A+ Certification Training

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  • CompTIA A+ Certification Training

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  • CompTIA A+ Certification Training

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CompTIA A+ Certification Training

This module provides an idea about how to install and configure laptop hardware components, componenets within the display, use laptop appropriate features, characteristics of various types of other mobile devices like Tablets, smartphones, wearable technology devices, connect and configure accessories and ports of other mobile devices, configure basic mobile device network connectivity and application support and methods to perform mobile device synchronization.

This module provides knowledge of the TCP and UDP ports, protocols, and their purposes, common networking hardware devices, wired/wireless SOHO network, wireless networking protocols, properties and purposes of services provided by networked hosts,common network configuration concepts, Internet connection types, network types, and their features and using appropriate networking tools.

This module explores basic cable types, features, and their purposes, connector types, install RAM types, install and configure storage devices, install and configure motherboards, CPUs, and add-on cards, various peripheral types, power supply types and features, appropriate components for a custom PC configuration to meet customer specifications or needs, install and configure common devices, configure SOHO multifunction devices/printers and settings and install and maintain various print technologies.

This module provides an idea about the cloud computing concepts like common cloud models, shared resources, rapid elasticity, on-demand, Resource pooling and set up and configure client-side virtualization like Purpose of virtual machines, Resource requirements, Emulator requirements, Security requirements, Network requirements and Hypervisor.

This module pesents hardware and trouble shooting concepts like best practice methodology to resolve problems, troubleshoot problems related to motherboards, RAM, CPUs, and power, troubleshoot hard drives and RAID arrays, troubleshoot video, projector, and display issues, troubleshoot common mobile device issues while adhering to the appropriate procedures, troubleshoot printers, troubleshoot common wired and wireless network problems.

This module provides common operating system types and their purposes like difference between 32 bit vs 64 bit, Workstation operating systems, Cell phone/tablet operating systems, Vendor-specific limitations, Compatibility concerns
 between operating systems, features of Microsoft Windows versions, general OS installation considerations and upgrade methods.

This module explains the concepts like using appropriate Microsoft command line tools, Microsoft operating system features and tools, Microsoft Windows Control Panel utilities like internet options, Display/Display settings, User accounts, folder options, system, application installation and configuration concepts, configure Microsoft Windows networking on a
client/desktop and use features and tools of the Mac OS and Linux client/desktop operating systems.

This module makes you to identify the importance of physical security measures, logical security concepts, wireless security protocols and authentication methods, detect, remove, and prevent malware using appropriate tools and methods, social engineering, threats, and vulnerabilities, the differences of basic Microsoft Windows OS security settings, implement security best practices to secure a workstation.

This module makes you to implement methods for securing mobile devices, implement appropriate data destruction and disposal methods and  configure security on SOHO wireless and wired networks like Change default usernames and passwords, Enable MAC filtering, Assign static IP addresses, Firewall settings, Port forwarding/mapping, Disabling ports, Content filtering/parental controls, Update firmware and Physical security.

This module makes you to troubleshooting of a software like troubleshoot Microsoft Windows OS problems, troubleshoot and resolve PC security issues, use best practice procedures for malware removal, troubleshoot mobile OS and application issues, troubleshoot mobile OS and application security issues like Signal drop/weak signal, Power drain, Slow data speeds, Unintended WiFi connection, Unintended Bluetooth pairing, Leaked personal files/data and Data transmission over limit.

This module help the students to identify the best practices associated with types of documentation, implement basic change management best practices, implement basic disaster prevention and recovery methods, common safety procedures, environmental impacts and appropriate controls, processes for addressing prohibited content activity, and privacy, licensing, and policy concepts and use proper communication techniques and professionalism.

This module provides knowledge of the scripting techniques like script fle types, environment variables, comment syntax, basic script constructs, basic data types and using the remote access technologies like RDP, Telnet, SSH, Third-party tools and Security considerations of each access method.



Career starters who are interested in vendor-neutral IT certifications in the industry. CompTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association) is the leading provider of vendor free solutions.
Information technology professionals in need of CompTIA's certification exams for computing support, networking, security, open-source (Linux) development, cloud and mobility.
Academic achievers who have just finished university or college and would like to enter the field of IT to augment their credentials with additional certifications.
Professionals interested in remote management tool for Windows Server running in anyspace physical, virtual, on-premises, in Azure, or in a hosted environment.

Eligibility and Requirements

Learners need to possess an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma. No need of any professional experience is required as this is a basic course.



There are no prerequistes for this course.

Official CompTIA A+ core1 and core2 Certification exam. 


Upon completing this cerification course you will:

  • Receive an industry-recognized certificate from MCIT.
  • Be prepared for the Official CompTIA A+ core1 and core2 Certification exam. 



— F.A.Q —

Definitely. Please feel free to contact our office, we will be more than happy to work with you to meet your training needs.
All of our exceptionally skilled instructors have a decent experience of training and industry experience and are AW certified in the respective field. Each of them through a rigorous selection procedure that included profile screening, technical examination, and a training demo. 
Yes, there are vouchers to take the official exam.
Upon completion of the certification course classes you will be provided with an MCIT certificate.