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Linux Administration
State of the Industry

In the revolution of Information Technology, Linux is now playing a critical role in almost every criteria of IT field. Learning Linux is essential as almost all employers demanding Linux knowledge to support their business services running on Linux Servers. This course is a gateway in preparing an individual to perform as an IT System administrator, candidate’s ability to maintain and troubleshoot network and cloud services based on Linux.

At the end of course, student will have an understanding of Linux that will be help in applying their knowledge in various fields like Data Centers, Desktop computers, Mainframe Computers or Cloud Computing.

​Class Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (6PM to 9PM)

Who Should Apply

Students who are aspiring to become a Linux administrator
Seasoned professionals who would like to upskill themselves in their networking career

Eligibility and Requirements

- Anyone who could operate a basic computer

Linux Administration

  • Linux History
  • Distributions & file system
  • Creating a Linux VM
  • Downloading & installing CentOS7 & GUI
  • Linux command line & basic file system commands
  • Listing, moving, copying, removing files & directories
  • Searching, sorting, replacing text in files
  • ​Creating, editing files with Vi
  • Understanding & listing processes
  • Killing & renicing background & foreground processes
  • ​Creating, configuring user accounts, groups
  • Understanding user, group config files & permissions
  • Managing file, directory permissions & ownership
  • ​Initializing daemon
  • Starting & stopping services
  • Enabling, masking/unmasking persistent services
  • Creating & running scripts
  • ​Disk storage & file system
  • Partition management & maintenance
  • Creating, mounting file systems
  • Installing, removing packages using RPM, Yum
  • Backup restore data using Tar command
  • Network backups with rsync, scp
  • ​Managing remote access with secure shell access
  • Understanding & configuring networking services
  • Securing shell & configuring firewall
  • Install & configure Webserver
  • Install & configure Samba server



You shall receive a certification of completion from MCIT towards the end of this course.

MCIT certified Linux Administrator course.


  • Taught by Industry Experts as instructors
  • Discount on Certification Program
  • Eligible to claim tax credit up to 25% of course fees
  • 24*7 Lab Virtual Desktop access
  • Evening and Weekend schedule
  • Vendor Authorized Training



The Instructor led knowledge dissemination is effective owing to the micro-strength of the class rooms and its personalized approach to learning.

Amentor Messanvi — STQA Student
  • Linux Administration
  • Linux Administration
  • Linux Administration
  • Linux Administration
  • Linux Administration