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Programming - C#

This course will provide you with a clear understanding of object-oriented programming concepts and skills using C#, which can be applied to modern software development methodologies. Using the tools provided by the Microsoft .NET Framework, you will design desktop and web applications by using C# and .NET library. You will also develop knowledge and skills in the areas of C# and design patterns. This course, which targets both beginners and experienced programmers looking to update their skills, prepares professionals for official Microsoft certifications.

Instructor led


Programming - C#

Introdution to programming
Concept of pseudocode
Problems and approach to solutions
Demonstrate logic through example

Components of .Net framework
C# libraries
Execute a C# technology application

Getting familiar with IDE
Explore Visual Studio
Execute application in IDE
Compiling and Debugging

Primitive data types
Variable declaration and usage
Arrays, structs and enumerations

Sequential processing
Decision making
Control flow
Methods and loops

Lists and dictionary
Stack and queue
Hash table

Class and object creation in C#
Constructors and methods
Oops concepts
Access modifiers
Static concept in C#

Working with files
Different exceptions

Introduction to events
Working with delegates
Abstract classes

Singleton pattern
Factory pattern
Other patterns



This is an entry-level course, but it assumes that learners have the following:

General IT knowledge
Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Internet browsers
High school diploma

Microsoft 70-483 certification - Programming in C#



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