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Data Management with SQL

With data becoming the core part of our daily lives, there’s a need to learn to manage it using various storage & manipulation techniques. Microsoft’s SQL Server enables you to design, query and maintain data using MSSQL. And more importantly, working knowledge of SQL has become a crucial skill in any data job.

This course focuses on helping you to use Microsoft’s SQL Server products and tools to implement a database server. Also, you get to learn querying using T-SQL along with foundations of database administration, development and business intelligence. Furthermore, you shall be exposed to the BI & Data Warehousing fundamentals like dimensional modelling and principles behind the lifecycle of a Business Intelligence solution

Instructor led


MCSA - SQL Server 2016

  • ​SQL Server architecture, editions & versions
  • Introducing Transact-SQL (T-SQL)
  • ​Understanding & writing SELECT queries in SQL
  • Eliminating duplicates with DISTINCT
  • Using column, table aliases & CASE expressions
  • ​Understanding Joins
  • Querying with Inner, Outer, Cross Self Joins
  • ​Sorting data
  • Filtering data with Predicates, TOP & OFFSET-FETCH
  • Introducing SQL Server Data Types
  • Working with date & time data
  • ​Using DML to modify data
  • Using Built-in functions in SQL
  • ​Using Aggregate functions
  • Using Group By clause
  • Filtering groups with HAVING
  • Writing self-contained subqueries
  • Writing correlated subqueries
  • ​Using Views
  • Using Inline Table Valued Functions (TVFs)
  • Using Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
  • Writing queries with UNION operator
  • ​Using Window ranking, offset & aggregate functions
  • Writing queries with PIVOT & UNPIVOT
  • Working with Grouping Sets
  • Understanding Stored Procedures & executing them
  • Programming with T-SQL
  • ​Implementing T-SQL Error Handling
  • Implementing Structured Exception Handling
  • Transactions & the database engine



- Working knowledge of Windows or Mac OS

- Familiarity with Excel but not mandatory

You shall receive a certification of completion from MCIT towards the end of this course.
Furthermore, you can attempt these examinations:

70-761 - Querying Data with Transact-SQL.

70-762 - Developing SQL Databases.



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