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CCNA - Security
State of the Industry

The main aim of this certification is to provide professionals with a complete understanding of core security concepts and the implementation process behind a secure network infrastructure. Participants are introduced to VPN encryption, firewalls and intrusion prevention. A brief overview of web and email content security and endpoint security is also provided. At the end of the course, participants are able to install, troubleshoot and monitor a secure network so as to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and devices.

* Morning, evening, weekends

Professional benefits

Professionals work in a wide array of companies, from startups to global organizations. The average annual salary for a network engineer is $68,156. Salary range is generally between $43,223 to $101,359. Pay for this job rises steadily for more experienced workers.

Who Should apply

Network Administrators
Professionals who want to change careers
IT professionals interested in networking

CCNA - Security        
Dwany H

Big Data Developer

CCNA - Security        
Rosana N

Java Developer

CCNA - Security        
Sihame B

BI Developer

CCNA - Security        
Amentor M


Eligibility and Requirements

Any other related and relevant experience, such as a background in networking, would be a great asset but is not compulsory

Abilities acquired
at course completion

Understanding basic security terms and zones

Begin able to explain cryptography concepts such as digital signatures, certificates and PKI

Understanding network topologies namely CAN, WAN, SOHO

Securing network using SCP and NTP

Configuring authorization using Radius and TACACS+ technologies

Configuring authentication using 802.1X components, BYOD framework

Understanding VPN concepts like IPsec protocols, hair pinning and split tunneling

Implement SSL VPN using ASDM and IPsec site-to-site VPN

Cisco IOS and authentication on OSPF

Understanding different types of spoofing and DHCP snooping


Proxy, application and personal firewalls

Stateful and stateless firewalls

Static and dynamic NAT

Configuring and securing ASA

Detection/Signature engines

Considerating various modes of deployments such as inline, SPAN

SPAM filtering, blacklisting, URL filtering

Mitigation technology for personal firewall and antivirus

Cisco – CCNA Security

Introduction to security principles.
Security threats.
Network topologies.

Secure management.
Authentication, authorization and accounting.
C802.1X authentication.
BYOD architecture.

Introduction to VPN concepts.
Remote Access VPN.
Site-to-site VPN.

Introduction to security on Cisco routers.
Securing routing protocols and control plane.
Common layer 2 attacks.
Mitigation procedures.
VLAN security.

Introduction to firewall technologies.
Various types of firewalls.
NAT on Cisco ASA 9.x.
Zone-based firewall.
Firewall features on Cisco ASA.

IPS deployment considerations.
IPS technologies.
Mitigation technology for email-based threats.
Mitigation technology for web-based threats.
Mitigation technology for endpoint threats.



Implementing Cisco Network Security (210-260 IINS)


  • Industry-relevant, job-ready programs
  • Internship possibilities
  • Eligibility for off-campus work permit program [ocwpp]
  • Eligibility for post-graduation work permit [pgwp]
  • Eligibility for points under Quebec’s immigration policy
  • Scholarships and financial aid



I am an Engineering grad (Diploma) from Morocco, I discovered MCIT during my master’s at the Technology University Montreal. Studying at MCIT helped me open my Career prospects many folds.

Sihame Benhlima — BI Student
  • CCNA - Security        
  • CCNA - Security        
  • CCNA - Security        
  • CCNA - Security        
  • CCNA - Security        

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