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Web Analytics & Conversion Optimisation

Learn how to use Analytics and data in every aspect of your marketing strategy.  
In this course you will learn how to setup, scrutinize and analyze data from Google Analytics and other web tools. 

​Class Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (6PM to 9PM)

Who Should Apply

Anyone who would like to foray into the world of digital marketing
Seasoned professionals who would like to upskill themselves in Web Analytics & Optimization tools


- Familiarity with traditional marketing concepts and or work experience
- Business experience or aptitude for online engagement would be an asset.

Web Analytics & Conversion Optimisation

  • The Importance of Analytics in Today’s Market
  • Types of data analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Prescriptive, Predictive
  • How to install tracking properties on a website through GTM
  • A tour of a web analytics dashboard (e.g. for Google or YouTube or Facebook)
  • Types of reports
  • KPI’s, Metrics and Dimensions
  • Setting up a funnel
  • Goals and how they are tracked in analytics
  • Generating and Interpreting Reports
  • Overview of key functions
  • Web analytics data for SEO, PPC & Social media strategy
  • Generating and interpreting data for competitor analysis
  • Online data for market research
  • Recording user behavior and generating heat maps
  • How users interact on web pages –e.g. Interpreting F-patterns
  • A/B testing and Multivariate Testing for conversion rate optimization
  • Call to actions (CTA) on web pages
  • Interpreting trends and making projections.
  • Writing reports based on data from given case studies.
  • Presentation of reports
  • Automating sharing of reports in Google analytics
  • Google Data Studio
  • Analytics reporting tools for marketing agencies
  • Overall functionality of reporting tools



You shall receive a certification of completion from MCIT towards the end of this course.


  • Taught by Industry Experts as instructors
  • Discount on Certification Program
  • Eligible to claim tax credit up to 25% of course fees
  • 24*7 Lab Virtual Desktop access
  • Evening and Weekend schedule
  • Vendor Authorized Training


  • Web Analytics & Conversion Optimisation
  • Web Analytics & Conversion Optimisation
  • Web Analytics & Conversion Optimisation
  • Web Analytics & Conversion Optimisation
  • Web Analytics & Conversion Optimisation