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State of the Industry

The course focuses on teaching individuals how to use Tableau Business Intelligence tool and its unique features to visualize any kind of data. This training provides students with the skills required to create and distribute an interactive and shareable dashboard in the form of graphs and charts. At the end of the course, students would be able to address business problems with a visualization of the relevant data. This course also prepares professionals for two official Tableau certification courses namely Tableau Desktop and Server (Qualified Associate Level and Certified Professional Level) which would provide problem-solving skills and thereby helping to promote themselves for higher level positions at their current job or apply for better jobs.

* Morning, evening, weekends

Professional Benefits

Professionals work in a wide array of companies, from startups to global organizations. The annual salary range for a Tableau developer is between $63,000 to $127,000.

Who Should Apply

Beginner Tableau user
IT professionals who work with data, regardless of technical or analytical background

Dwany H

Big Data Developer

Sihame B

BI Developer

Rosana N

Java Developer

Chloe D


Eligibility and Requirements

Some basic knowledge of using computer
Basic knowledge of Tableau

Abilities acquired
at course completion

Establishing a connection to Tableau Server

Performance optimization using query and aggregation

Performing sorting and filtering of data

Displaying data using Scatter Plots, Paretos and Sparklines

Calculations using LOD and Geocoding

Mapping through Pan and Zoom, Lasso and Radial selection

Data Analytics using Reference Lines and bands, Boxplot

Installing and Configuring Tableau

Providing security and permissions to users

Update licenses, data-driven alerts

Custom and built-in administrator views

Tab admin validate and Tableau run-as user



Connect to Tableau server
Performance optimization using query and aggregation
Work with tables from multiple databases
Data preparation using pivot and union
Data extract capabilities and shadow extracts

Sort and filter data
Build groups, hierarchies and sets
Measure names, measure values and histograms
Different types of maps, graphs and charts

Quick table, string and date calculations
Arithmetic, LOD and Ad-hoc calculations
Logic statements and aggregate options
Filtering, custom territories and map layering
Modify locations, Geographic search and background image map

Trend Lines and model, forecasting
Drag and drop, Instant analytics
Statistical summary card and reference distributions
Build dashboard actions
Device designer and drill down report
Visual best practices for dashboard design

User interface, navigation and topology
Hardware and software requirements
Licensing and server process
Data source identification and infrastructure network

Installation of Tableau
Windows and Tableau Server Configuration
Security and permissions to users

Data connections, subscriptions and schedules
Server analysis, backup and restore
Licenses, log files and data source revision history
Publishing views and data sources
Web authoring & editing
Data Source Certification & extract caching

Reset passwords, log files for reporting
Maintenance analysis reports
Create/open support requests
Upgrade and re-installing
Migrate and backwards compatibility



Tableau Desktop (Desktop Qualified associate and Certified Professional)

Tableau Server(Server Qualified associate and Certified Professional)


  • Industry-relevant, job-ready programs
  • Internship possibilities
  • Eligibility for off-campus work permit program [ocwpp]
  • Eligibility for post-graduation work permit [pgwp]
  • Eligibility for points under Quebec’s immigration policy
  • Scholarships and financial aid



After only one year at MCIT, I learned everything I ever wanted and am already in the market.

Alexander Haig — Java Student
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