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Tableau Desktop Certification Training

Every organization possesses data aiming to discover insights quickly with a Business Intelligence tool that has interactive reports and rich visual analytics. Tableau is one such tool, embraced by majority of the industry. The objective of this course is to enable people to understand data, learn fundamentals of data analysis using various visualizations, calculations and reporting techniques, build live dashboards for various devices (Desktop, Tablet & mobile). The students would also learn loading data from various data sources and methods to clean them.

​Class Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday (5:30PM to 9:30PM)

Professional Benefits

Professionals work in a wide array of companies, from startups to global organizations. The annual salary range for a Tableau developer is between $63,000 to $127,000.

Who Should Apply

Anyone who would like to foray into the world of analytics with a fundamental knowledge of databases
Seasoned professionals who would like to upskill themselves to work with the latest tools

Eligibilty and Requirements

- Familiarity with databases and querying

- Familiarity with Excel

Tableau Desktop Certification Training

  • ​Tableau overview
  • Environmental setup
  • Design flow
  • Adding fields to view
  • Combined Fields, Sets, Groups
  • ​Data Customization
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Joining
  • Data Blending
  • Calculated fields
  • Functions
  • Table Calculations
  • ​Basic sorting & filtering
  • Types of sorting & filters
  • Filter operations
  • ​Various Charts
  • Various Plots
  • Various Graphs
  • Desktop ​dashboards
  • Tablet dashboards
  • Mobile dashboards
  • Formating
  • ​Forecasting
  • Trendlines



You shall receive a certification of completion from MCIT towards the end of this course.

Furthermore, you can attempt these examinations:

Tableau Desktop Specialist


  • Taught by Industry Experts as instructors
  • Discount on Certification Program
  • Eligible to claim tax credit up to 25% of course fees
  • 24*7 Lab Virtual Desktop access
  • Evening and Weekend schedule
  • Vendor Authorized Training



As an international student, I learned a lot from this program at Montreal College, which landed me a job as a quality assurance analyst in automation.

Pooja Gogna — STQA Student
  • Tableau Desktop Certification Training
  • Tableau Desktop Certification Training
  • Tableau Desktop Certification Training
  • Tableau Desktop Certification Training
  • Tableau Desktop Certification Training