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Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Cloud Computing Bootcamp
This intensive Bootcamp is only available for local professionals seeking to advance in specific career roles.


The MCIT Cloud Computing bootcamp aids in your development as a cloud professional. You learn how to plan, design, and scale cloud implementations. Your ability to create and deploy dynamically scalable and dependable applications on Microsoft Azure and AWS will improve as a result of taking our Cloud Computing course.

Cloud professionals assess a business’ infrastructure and migrate different functions to a cloud-based system. They basically build and maintain cloud services by leveraging technical skills, business knowledge, and working experience with at least one of the major cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform). They automate deployment and testing pipelines to enhance the efficiency of teams and deliver software faster.


  • Cloud Computing Bootcamp

    Get trained by industry Experts

    Our curriculum is kept up to date with the latest industry trends ensuring all our graduates are prepared for the job market.
  • Cloud Computing Bootcamp

    Project Based Learning

    Our courses are delivered by professionals with years of experience having learned first-hand the best, in-demand techniques, concepts, and latest Business Analyst tools.
  • Cloud Computing Bootcamp

    Learn while you Work

    Our students have access to their labs and course materials at any hour of the day to maximize their learning potential and guarantee success.
  • Cloud Computing Bootcamp

    State of the Art Infrastructure

    Graduates from MCIT have access to a complete work-oriented program that gives them access to CV/resume preparation, the latest job opportunities within their desired fields, provided continuously via
  • Cloud Computing Bootcamp

    24/7 Lab access

    Working closely with our industry expert instructors, they can provide guidance and help you network within the field, providing you with a unique advantage in the workforce.
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MCIT Diploma
Cloud Computing

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This course will introduce you to the core concepts of cloud computing. You will acquire the essential information needed to comprehend cloud computing from a business viewpoint.

You will be familiarized with the definition, key features, history, benefits for business, and use cases for emerging technologies.

An overview of some of the most well-known service providers available today - such as AWS, Google, IBM, Microsoft - their services, and some case studies of cloud computing in various industry verticals will be covered.

This course will provide basic to advanced cloud principles, services, solutions, and management tools, general security, network security, governance and compliance capabilities, cost management, and service level agreements.

This course will teach you how to recognize services and features to develop dependable, secure, and highly available IT solutions in the Cloud.

Using real-world scenarios, we will walk you through the process of developing the best IT solutions.

This course will provide basic to advanced cloud principles, services, solutions, and management tools.

Furthermore, it will explore general security, network security, governance, and compliance capabilities.

This course will help you gain knowledge in managing cloud subscriptions, securing identities, managing infrastructure, configuring virtual networking, connecting, and on-premises sites.

In addition, you will gain knowledge in managing network traffic, implementing storage solutions, building and scaling virtual machines, and other topics.

This course will provide a basic understanding of Azure principles, services, solutions, and management tools. Furthermore, general security, network security, governance and compliance capabilities, Azure cost management, and service level agreements will be covered.

You will learn how to design infrastructure solutions in this module. Governance, computers, application architecture, storage, data integration, authentication, networks, business continuity, and migrations are a few of the subjects we'll talk about. The course demonstrates fundamental architectural design ideas through a combination of lectures and aided practice.

This course will help you gain knowledge on managing Azure subscriptions, securing identities, managing infrastructure, configuring virtual networking, connecting Azure and on-premises sites.

In addition, you will learn how to manage network traffic, implement storage solutions, build and scale virtual machines.        

This course will dive into the Public Cloud market, governed by the top three public clouds – AWS, Google, and Azure.

This course will allow you to apply the algorithms and techniques for cloud computing that you learned to solve an interesting real-world cloud computing challenge.



Career starters : For those people who are either entering the job market or are interested in making a shift in their current job status. MCIT’s BI program can help you transition into, or start a new career as a fully equipped Business Intelligence Developer.
Career advancers : Get a grip on how-to techniques, tools and terminologies to collect and process business information to derive insights and make business decisions
Professionals : Skilled data miners and analytics personnel, the BI program can further help you learn how to take that data, formulate actionable plans and present it to relevant stakeholders.
Fresh Graduates : New university graduates who ' d like to expand their skillset and augment their academic credentials.
Cloud Computing Bootcamp
Mehrdad M

Network Administrator

Cloud Computing Bootcamp
Ovesh M

Network Administrator

Cloud Computing Bootcamp
Danial Davari

Network Supervisor, Lamour

Cloud Computing Bootcamp
Parisa G

Network technical consultant, Zycom Technology


Applicants with Post-secondary studies in Business Management, Social Science, or Information Technology, are a good match for this AEC. Having a CEGEP Diploma, or relevant experience of at least 1 year makes you as well a good candidate. Students need the following (minimum) ministry stipulated requirements: Secondary V / High School Diploma with good knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

To determine your eligibility, you need to meet with an advisor.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a MCIT Bootcamp certificate in

Cloud Computing



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At 47, I was working in retail and wanted a change in my life. At 48, with no prior experience, I got a job at a networking company thanks to my AEC from MCIT. I am so thankful for taking the leap which changed my life forever.

Vasilieos Nikiratas — Networking Student


    Registration deadline:
    For international students, it is highly recommended to register two months before the starting date. Talk to one of our advisors for more details about the registration process.

    — F.A.Q —

    Instructors are chosen based on their academic credentials, relevant industry experience, and teaching ability. MCIT collects weekly feedback from students and staff on program curriculum, projects, and overall student experience in order to evaluate the quality of each program. In addition to the student experience, MCIT also considers industry demand for particular skill sets and success rates with each program in order to look for areas of improvement, ensuring that each program has successfully matches their outcomes.The minimum requirements to serve as a mentor, technical expert, or faculty for all MCIT programs include:- 3+ years of relevant industry experience - Demonstration of genuine student advocacy and empathy for beginners - Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
    MCIT is registered as a private college under the Quebec Ministry of Education with the operating name of “Montreal College of Information Technology”. As a Quebec-registered private career college, you can apply for a student line of credit from Aide financière aux études (AFE) with a lower interest rate. Depending on the situation we also offer payment options through installments. Please, consult your advisor for more information.
    Our programs cover the most up-to-date skills that are required by employers across Canada. In addition to that, we offer on-demand certificates in a wide range of well-known technologies to help you up-skill yourself. That being said, we know what qualifications employers are looking for in future candidates.
    Yes, the nature of our training is hands-on. Students work on end-to-end projects and business use cases to build their portfolios and become Job Ready.
    This is a beginner-friendly program with no coding prerequisites, although many students have engaged in self-learning previously or have worked in adjacent roles. Whether you’re new to the field or you’re looking to formalize your practice, our curriculum helps you gain fluency in the programming languages, frameworks, and libraries that modern employers demand and put them to work on the path to a new career in the field. If you are still curious, our advisors can discuss your background and learning goals to advise if this coding Bootcamp is a good fit for you.

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