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Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture

Oracle Software Installation Basics

Installing Oracle Database Software

Creating an Oracle Database by Using DBCA

Oracle Database Management Tools

Managing the Database Instance

Configuring the Oracle Network Environment

Administering User Security

Managing Database Storage Structures

Managing Space

Managing Undo Data

Managing Data Concurrency

Implementing Oracle Database Auditing

Backup and Recovery Concepts

Backup and Recovery Configuration

Performing Database Backups

Performing Database Recovery

Moving Data

Performing Database Maintenance

Managing Performance

Managing Performance: SQL Tuning


Certificate of participation.

Who should do this course?

Discover how you can effectively install and manage an Oracle Database instance. Create a container database and provision pluggable databases to support your business needs. Benefit from learning how to configure the Oracle Network Environment to perform database maintenance.


  • Session one
    22 octobre 2016
    30 09 16
  • Session two
    04 février 2017
    20 01 17
  • Session three
    08 juillet 2017
    23 06 17