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Programmer Analyst in Mobile App Development

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This intensive Mobile and Web Application Development diploma program has been designed to enable you in building compelling apps in various mobile and web application platforms. The main objective of the Mobile and Web Application Development course is to make students able to achieve a complete real project with the same real constraints of clients. This android course will teach students the basis of android platform and application life cycle. Students will develop a mobile app with Android containing at least one of the following phone material components:GPS, accelerometer or camera phone, use simple GUI applications and work with database to store data locally or in a server.

Mobile and web application development programmers typically write, modify, integrate and test computer code for internet-based web applications and mobile applications. The primary objective is to study an organization’s business needs and design information systems solutions to help the organization operate more efficiently and effectively.

The outlook for Programmer Analysts is robust considering the ever-evolving needs of companies to revamp and redevelop their existing systems and build new applications. This means that programmers will have to keep abreast of changing programming languages and techniques. Our Mobile and Web Application Development diploma program introduces you to techniques prevalent in the current job market.

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It was a good experience for me and provided me with the appropriate knowledge I was seeking.
Giuseppe Russo
Program Analyst

I would like to thank my amazing instructors at MCIT. Without them the College will not be the same.
Jhonathan Victor Olaechea Boliuar
Mobile Developer

After 27 years in computer the world, I think this college is a leader in  emerging technologies. It does a good job for the future of  domain enterprises.
Naiem Soliman Saad
Mobile developer



  • Mobile Application introduction
    Individuals who are interested in starting a mobile application development business, working for a mobile app company, interested in making your own app or if you work with programmers , this program is meant for you.
  • Web, Hybrid and Native mobile Applications
    Learn to develop applications in the native browser, such as UIWebView in iOS and WebView in Android (not Safari or Chrome). Hybrid apps are developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript, and then wrapped in a native application using platforms like Cordova.
  • AngularJS, Ionic Framework
    learn to use Ionic to provide tools and services for developing hybrid mobile apps using Web technologies like CSS, HTML5, and Sass. learn to use dependency injection to  eliminate much of the code you would otherwise have to write
  • Amazon AWS & Dynamo DB
    understand Amazon DynamoDB which is a fully managed proprietary NoSQL database service that is offered by Amazon as part of the Amazon Web Services portfolio. Learn to use the underlying implications and distinction of Dynamo DB.
  • Android Stack, Application Life Cycle,  Activities and Layout
    scrutinize the architecture of the Android software stack and its five categories .  understand user  interaction with an activity, or which has an service which is bound to such an activity. Broadcast and reciever methods.
  • Manifest , Security/Permission,  Toast and Gradle
    A manifest file provides essential information about your app to the Android system, which the system must have before it can run any of the app’s code.Understand  libraries that extends the Android toast framework. Grant  permissions or deny access to the files and folders. Inherited permissions from a parent object.
  • Sensors, Location API and GPS
    Deploy sensors on the device to add rich location and motion capabilities to your app, from GPS or network location to accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature, barometer, and others.

  • Database and  Persistence & Broadcast, Thread
    central framework to facilitate development of the one or more application programs, the reusable
    asset center including a persistence framework that provides persistent data storage functions
    in conjunction with the one or more managed objects and a database for storing data.
  • Cloud and advanced concepts
    Understand cloud-specific vulnerabilities, security-specific cloud reference architecture, and provide examples of cloud-specific features & vulnerabilities for each architectural component.


Upon successful completion of the program, the college grants the student a diploma in Programmer Analyst (Java & Android).

Certification Tracks 

Students can work towards the following official certifications after the program

  • Certified JavaScript Developer
  • Oracle Certified Professional
  • Java SE Programmer
  • OESF Authorized Certification Engineer for Android


Bank Line of credit

  • Interest only line of credit.
  • Up to $20,000.
  • Flexible repayment schedule (7 years).
  • Can supplement government student loans.


  • Student bursaries covering up to $2000 for new immigrants and unemployed

Instalment Plans

Option to pay fees in 4 equal monthly instalments



  • Why get an MCIT Diploma?

      MCIT Diploma is a short-term immersive "study and work" model which transforms novices into web developers. Our training is instructor led, conducted in-class in Montreal, Quebec, consisting of 9-12 hours of class per week with a project. Over the past years, we've improvised our curriculum, which has achieved a 93% success rate for students.

  • Who should join this program?

      Highly motivated, tenacious self-starters with the drive to make it big in the industry who are willing to learn and apply emerging technology skills. Our college programs are in very high demand. Students are expected to take directions, move forward, to not be afraid to ask questions and spend extra hours on solving a problem. The programs are suited for highly diligent individuals who need direction to get into the IT industry.

  • Do I need to have any specific background to attend this program?

      Some programming experience is recommended but even a general understanding of web development is acceptable.

  • Can you provide a prerequisite training at additional cost?

      Yes, we can provide prerequisite training before the program starts, please register in advance for the same.

  • What kind of jobs titles am I looking at after completing this program?

      Students generally bag the below roles • Programmer analysts • Web developers • Enterprise web developers • Website Designer/Developer • Mobile Application Developer • Mobile Interface Developer • JSP Developer • Social app developer • Game developer • Mobile OS specialist • Mobile technology consultant

  • Would I be able to create compelling mobile and web apps?

      Programming for the mobile and web requires you to have sound knowledge about HTML5, JSP and various mobile SDKs. In this program we cover all these and much more. So yes, after completing this program you will be ready for the real battle.

  • Can I really become a web & mobile programmer in 12 months?

      Yes! This immersive program is designed to make you the master of your craft. Our program is the perfect launching pad for your career in programming. However, in this ever changing world of technology you need to evolve along with the technology. What we can say with conviction is that we will make you ready for the job market.

  • What are the other advantages of joining your college?

      • Fast-paced progressive programs • Our IT Academic Partnerships with Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, CEH, Citrix, EMC2, etc. ensures Industry relevant curriculum • Official Test Center for IT certifications through industry alliances with PROMETRIC, PEARSON VUE & KRYTERION • Certification exam vouchers of up to 50% discount to students • Only College providing dedicated server for each Virtual Desktop to every student for tasks at home • Short duration fast-paced programs enable early entry in the job market • Flexible evening schedule also viable for working population • State of the art equipment and customized labs

  • What is your learning methodology?

      • Pragmatic approach to delivery (80% practical sessions) • Project and internship based concept application • E-learning augmented with instructor-led classroom training • Virtual labs with remote access • Collaborative & experiential learning • Optimum student to faculty ratio

  • Who are the instructors?

      Our instructors have years of teaching experience with a successful track record. The fact that they are currently working in the industry ensures a timely adoption of practical techniques presently at use.

  • Does completing your programs guarantee placement?

      We work with the best in the industry to ensure that you have the maximum value addition to your profile. We provide placement assistance through our network of HR managers all across Canada.


  • Session one
    12 October 2016
    30 09 16
  • Session two
    14 February 2017
    16 12 16
  • Session three
    13 June 2017
    19 05 17